Redfall Developer Has Already Started Work on Its Next Game

Redfall Developer Has Already Started Work on Its Next Game

It seems that Redfall developer Arkane Studios has already started thinking about its next big title and might have left the game behind entirely. After months of building expectations, Redfall was released on May 2, 2023. Unfortunately, the launch of the game was not perfect, and it left many gamers feeling unsatisfied with what was supposed to be a finished project, ready for consumers. Those working on this project were aware of how it failed fans, and even Phil Spencer himself expressed his disappointment in an interview and apologized for letting fans down.


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There are several games that have been able to redeem themselves after an unfortunate launch, and No Man’s Sky is the perfect example of this. Hello Games never gave up on the game and continues to work hard on it to this day, constantly releasing free updates with tons of content for fans to enjoy. Players were hoping that Redfall would receive the same treatment. Unfortunately, this will most likely not be the case.

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Not even a week after Redfall‘s release, Arkane Studios posted new job listings online, and it seems like it is looking for game developers to help it on its next AAA project. Arkane Studios has a lot of good games, and gamers would like Redfall to still become one of them despite its rough start. Even though the company might not have abandoned Redfall entirely, this leads many players to believe that Arkane will no longer be putting significant effort into it, accepting that there’s no going back. Then again, it’s possible Arkane will stay dedicated to fixing Redfall, even with this new game seemingly in the works. Fans will have to wait and see how it plays out.

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Redfall Developer Has Already Started Work on Its Next Game

Another interesting piece of information is the fact that whoever takes the job will be starting “as soon as possible.” This could indicate that Redfall developer Arkane Studios might have an imminent project that it’d like to start focusing on right away.

At the moment, it is unknown what this next major title could be, but some fans of the company are hoping for a Deathloop sequel. Gamers will keep an eye out for more information and stay on top of any news that might come out regarding Redfall and any possible game patches and updates. Only time will tell how Arkane intends to deal with Redfall‘s regrettable state at launch and if it will ever return to it and attempt to fix the various problems that have been pointed out by its players.

Redfall is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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