Redfall Is Nowhere To Be Found Among Steam’s Top Sellers

Redfall Is Nowhere To Be Found Among Steam’s Top Sellers

To say Redfall has gotten off to a rough start would be a serious understatement. The latest Arkane game may well be experiencing the rockiest release for a triple-A game since Cyberpunk 2077. The launch has been so bad that not only is Redfall still sitting on a mostly negative review score on Steam, but if you search for Bethesda’s new vampire game in Steam’s top sellers right now, Redfall is nowhere to be found.

The absence of Redfall from Steam’s best-selling games was first noticed by PersistentWorld, presumably after they checked on where the new game was sitting in the chart following its rough launch. “Has #Redfall been pulled from Steam in some form? It’s not on the Top Sellers/Global Top Sellers list. If you also search for it, only the DLCs appear,” they reveal, adding that even when you include hundreds of Steam’s top sellers, Redfall is still nowhere to be found.

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The immediate assumption here is that a combination of Redfall reactions and reviews being so bad and its inclusion on Game Pass means it simply isn’t selling. That might well be the case, but despite how bad Redfall is right now, that seems unlikely. No matter what is being said about it, it’s still a triple-A game that launched two days ago. Plus, its DLC still appears when you search for it on Steam’s top sellers.

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Actually, that last point isn’t technically true, at least not for everyone. I searched Steam’s top sellers myself and got different results. While Redfall is still missing, the only result I got back was its soundtrack. If anything, that further implies this is a bug rather than Redfall performing so badly that literally hundreds of games are selling better than it right now on Steam. I’ve not played Redfall myself, but I’m assuming its soundtrack isn’t so good that more people are buying it than the game itself.

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As pointed out in the replies to the tweet above, Redfall’s aforementioned review score might well have something to do with its top sellers absence. Steam likely has a somewhat complex algorithm that doesn’t necessarily rank its top sellers based on sales numbers alone. Again though, it seems unlikely Redfall’s numbers are performing so badly that it would be lower on that list than its own DLC and soundtrack. On the bright side, Redfall is verging on so bad it’s good territory as players poke fun at its many bugs.

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