Redfall Is One Of Steam’s Top 15 Worst Reviewed Games

Redfall Is One Of Steam’s Top 15 Worst Reviewed Games

The knocks just keep on coming for poor Redfall. After receiving mixed reviews from both critics and players alike for being an uninspired multiplayer shooter so full of bugs and poor gameplay that it’s laughable, Redfall is now one of Steam’s lowest-rated games.

Head over to Steam 250’s “Hall of Shame” and you’ll see Redfall 14th from the bottom. The site nominally tracks the best games on Steam using a proprietary algorithm that considers both average review scores and the number of reviews (that’s why Vampire Survivors isn’t higher than Terraria or Stardew). However, that same algorithm can also be applied to negative reviews, which has placed Redfall just ahead of Gasp and just behind Umbrella Corps.

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To give Redfall developer Arkane Studios some credit, Umbrella Corps proves that even Capcom can release a rough game, but Redfall is truly something special. It’s not just the bugs, which are numerous and occasionally hilarious, and it’s not just the graphics and the empty-feeling open world. Neither is it the lack of matchmaking in a co-op game or the brain-dead AI that can’t figure out how to attack the player so long as they stand behind a car.

black sun vampire boss in redfall

It’s everything combined that just screams an unfinished product was released into the world before it was even remotely ready. It’s almost like Arkane purposefully released Redfall to die during a brief lull in gaming right before the new Zelda makes us all forget Redfall even existed.

If that’s the case, Redfall is doing a great job of going quietly into that sweet night. After spending exactly one day on Steam’s top-sellers list, Redfall is nowhere to be seen except at the bottom of aggregate review sites, Arkane’s worst-rated game by a country mile.

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Redfall’s failure has Xbox chief Phil Spencer apologizing to fans and admitting that even internally, nobody expected Redfall to bomb as badly as it did.

“There’s nothing that’s more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox community and just kind of watch the community lose confidence, be disappointed; I’m disappointed, I’m upset with myself,” Spencer said on the Kinda Funny Games podcast.

redfall nest

Spencer has promised Redfall will continue to see support in the form of patches, comparing the game to Grounded and Sea of Thieves.

Redfall was supposed to be one of Microsoft’s big first-party releases this year, and that has fans worried for Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming epic space RPG. As fans can recall, no Bethesda game has ever been released without some pretty spectacular bugs and glitches, but if Redfall is what can make it through quality control, just imagine how rough Starfield might be.

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