Redfall Launches To “Mostly Negative” Steam Reviews

Redfall Launches To “Mostly Negative” Steam Reviews

Hot off the heels of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s rocky PC launch, Redfall has landed with “Mostly Negative” reviews on Steam as well. Not only because of performance issues, but because of the “empty world”, “trash” AI, and multiplayer systems. Or lack thereof.

“Online Co-op, Cross-platform Multiplayer but no matchmaking?” one reviewer asked, “I’m out.”

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“This game is a mess,” another said. “What should be a great premise is destroyed by bad animation, absolutely no story that makes sense. No drop in drop out co-op for a multiplayer open world game? Gunplay feels terrible. Performance is pretty bad. Characters lack any real personality other than checking off boxes for tropes. Stay away, not even sure if time will save this one.”

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Redfall Screenshot Of Sedgewick Safehouse Garage

Speaking of bad performance, other reviewers called on the “spotty” framerate, stating that it “runs very poorly”. Another said that they “would drop, freeze, and even have stutter frames up to 20-30 frames”, while there are “Connectivity issues [when] playing [with] friends,” and even “CONNECTIVITY ISSUES WHEN PLAYING SOLO”.

Claims of Redfall struggling on PC were backed up by Dexerto gaming editor Patrick Dane: “It’s a deeply disappointing title from a studio capable of so much more. On PC the performance is horrendous, and even if it’s working, it’s largely an uninteresting collection of compromised ideas.”

Epic partner Powered by id Tech shared a similar sentiment, “Played 30 minutes of Redfall. Impressions are not good. Performance is all over the place and the game just doesn’t look right? Can’t even disable the HUD…”

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However, performance is surprisingly not a key concern among Steam reviewers, with most of the ‘Not Recommended’ scores listing the lack of AI teammates, forced host progression, simplistic AI enemies, poor gunplay, and lack of aim sensitivity options for mice.

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“The controls are clunky, especially the shooting,” one reviewer wrote. “The textures seem to load and unload randomly in places making things look blurry. My biggest gripe is the multiplayer is only available for friends. There is no way to join someone else’s game unless its a friend. I cant just find a game in progress to join.”

Other reviewers, as well as a few on the Steam general discussion page, also claim that Redfall crashes a lot on PC, with one user even alleging, “The moment I launched I was greeted with 3 consecutive crashes.”

Redfall launched to 64 on Metacritic, making it Arkane’s lowest scoring game yet, so if you want to try it out, you’re probably best waiting for a sale. Or you could just pick it up on Game Pass.

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