Resident Evil Fans Share Their Favourite Villains Aside From Albert Wesker

Resident Evil Fans Share Their Favourite Villains Aside From Albert Wesker

Wesker is the best Resident Evil villain, that cannot be denied. Whatever version of the character we get, he’s always stealing the show, absolute menace that he is. So any debate on who the bestie villain in the series is pretty unfair – unless we take him out of the equation.

That is exactly what Resident Evil fans have done today, as they debate which baddie deserves the second-place spot for best Resi antagonists. And surprisingly, even with everyone in agreement as to who the number one pick should be, everyone has a different suggestion for the next place bad guy. Needless to say, the series has given us a hell of a lot of options over the years.

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“[Osmund] Saddler,” suggests Reddit user redhandsblackfuture. “The story of Las Plagas is concise and doesn’t require anything else to really make sense. Re4 from start to end is just wonderful even without everything else.”

Saddler actually gets quite a lot of votes, albeit for his appearance in the original Resident Evil 4. As much as everyone loved the remake, it has to be said that some of its more memorable moments were dumbed down a little.

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“Alexa Ashford,” votes KingofZombies. “She was so silly and over the top like an anime character but in an endearing way.”

Many others agree: “She’ll always be number one for me. A genius, beautiful, over dramatic, and murderously insane. Just the best of everything,” says SchylaZeal.

While it may not be many people’s favourite game in the series, Resident Evil Village baddies are getting quite a bit of love. Just not the villainess you might expect.

osmund saddler, the fifteenth prophet of los illuminados in resident evil 4 remake

“I think Miranda served face, fashion, and motivation as a villain,” says marinaragrandeur. “Too bad she was short-lived.”

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Not all of the villains are loved for superficial reasons, however, as Game_It_All_On_Me explains their love for Eveline. “She has a sympathetic backstory that makes her insecure, selfish personality understandable, even as her twisted mind and power make it clear she has to be put down. There are plenty of good overblown, campy RE villains, but Eveline and the Bakers are the ones that feel like real characters to me.”

Looking at its villains alone, it’s clear that the Resident Evil series has something for everyone – even us weirdos in the fanbase. We saw this when Resident Evil Village was announced, and everyone immediately started thirsting after Lady Dimitrescu, then known as the “tall vampire lady.” It remains to be seen which bad guy will get us acting unwise next, but knowing Capcom, it must have something cooking by now.

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