Rockstar Is Trolling Fans About GTA 6 Reveal

Rockstar Is Trolling Fans About GTA 6 Reveal

Rockstar has probably beefed up its security after the massive GTA 6 leak. A hacker, who was reportedly only 16 years old, managed to make their way past the developer’s online security measures and stole a whole lot of gameplay for the yet unannounced game. While the devs were devastated at the time, it seems like they’re owning it now.

The devs probably think that there’s no point moping around, and so, have decided to have fun with it. Knowing that that series fans have been itching for any official information about GTA 6, they decided to mess with GTA Online players. The devs used some choice words in what’s usually your generic GTA Online update with a new vehicle or weapon.

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“Every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together,” reads the update message for the new grand prize of the Lucky Wheel. “Well, 2023 could be that year,” it continues, almost as if it’s teasing fans who are waiting for even a shred of information (thanks, Dexerto).

These words weren’t lost on the community, many of whom knew that Rockstar was trolling them, in typical fashion, by teasing a GTA 6 reveal some time this year. “Dead giveaway that the announcement is gonna be this year?” asked FrequentUser2 in their post on the GTA 6 Subreddit.

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“Rockstar is straight up trolling,” said one comment; with another agreeing, “they can’t have [written] that without thinking about GTA 6.” Based on other comments, it seems that the update was from some time ago, but the GTA 6 tease is still pretty evident.

Other players appear to be confident that we’ll be getting some sort of reveal this year. “I genuinely believe we will get something this year. Perhaps a teaser in September. That will mark ten years of GTA 5 too,” said one of the many hopeful comments.

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Rockstar Is Trolling Fans About GTA 6 Reveal
via Rockstar

Based on a report in March, Rockstar plans to launch GTA 6 some time in 2024. Prominent GTA insider, Tez2 said that the launch window for the game would be around holiday 2024. However, they mentioned that this is after several changes in date, and more could be expected in the future, pushing the game to early 2025 as well.

For a while it seemed that 50 Cent was also teasing a possible appearance in the next GTA title. The rapper shared multiple images of Vice City before deleting them. Speculation of him appearing in GTA 6 started to take off, and wasn’t implausible, given Dr. Dre’s involvement in GTA Online.

However, it turns out 50 Cent’s posts had nothing to do with GTA at all, and were in fact teasing an upcoming TV show called Vice City.

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