Rumor: Dead Rising Reboot in the Works at Capcom

Rumor: Dead Rising Reboot in the Works at Capcom

According to a new rumor, Capcom’s long-dormant Dead Rising franchise might be returning from the grave for a reboot. Released in 2006 for the Xbox 360, the original Dead Rising was one of the first true displays of the seventh console generation’s technical prowess, pitting players against a massive horde of zombies in an open-world setting. As hard-hitting journalist Frank West, players had to fend off the undead with a wide array of improvised weapons as they raced against the clock to uncover the truth behind a zombie outbreak at the fictional Willamette Parkview Mall.


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Dead Rising was a breakout success for Capcom and spawned several sequels featuring new settings and protagonists. 2010’s Dead Rising 2 shifted the spotlight to motocross racer Chuck Greene and implemented a crafting system that allowed players to combine objects to make imaginative new weapons. However, while 2013’s Dead Rising 3 continued to have positive reviews from critics and fans, 2016’s Dead Rising 4 fell short of Capcom’s sales expectations and led to the franchise being shelved for nearly seven years so far. There were plans for a Dead Rising 5 that ultimately fell through, however.

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A new rumor from Jez Corden of Windows Central suggests that Dead Rising might finally return in the form of a reboot. While addressing another user on Twitter following the recent whispers of Konami striking an exclusivity deal with Sony, Corden claimed to hear reports of this reboot, though he was just as quick to point out that he has no concrete evidence that Capcom is working on it. Still, there have been plenty of comments from fans excited at the idea of Frank West returning for another zombie-filled adventure.

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Capcom has been no stranger to reviving classic games over the past few years, especially when it comes to zombie games. Resident Evil has seen several remakes, with the latest being Resident Evil 4 back in March. Meanwhile, EA and Motive Studios released the Dead Space remake to massive success in January, proving that there is plenty of room for zombie-centric survival horror experiences in the current console generation.

While nothing official has been confirmed regarding a Dead Rising reboot, it would certainly fit with Capcom’s current strategy of remaking classic horror titles like Resident Evil 4, and the updated technology of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles could allow Frank West to fend off even larger armies of zombies in this hypothetical revival. Fans haven’t seen Frank West in action since his guest appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite in 2017, and it might be time for the troubled reporter to dive back into the brutal world of Dead Rising should this latest rumor prove true.

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