Rumor: New Tomb Raider Collection Leaks Online

Rumor: New Tomb Raider Collection Leaks Online

A recent Tomb Raider leak reveals the existence of The Lara Croft Collection, a compilation of two of the franchise’s spinoff games.

A recent update to the ESRB’s ratings website has potentially leaked the existence of a new Tomb Raider compilation, featuring the previously announced Lara Croft spinoff games. Since the franchise’s debut on the PS1, the adventures of archaeologist Lara Croft have grown into one of the most iconic franchises in gaming. The series features more than 10 main games between the earlier titles created by Core Design and the Square Enix published reboots developed by Crystal Dynamics. Now, it appears two of the franchise’s spinoff games are set to return to the spotlight soon.


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The new reveal for the franchise comes after Tomb Raider had previously confirmed ports for the pair of Lara Croft spinoffs. Both Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris were confirmed in late 2021 to be coming to the Switch, then set for a 2022 release. Little information has surfaced about the status of the two ports since the reveal with their initial 2022 release window now come and gone. However, a recent ESRB rating may suggest the games’ re-releases aren’t too far off.

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A new update to the ESRB’s online database has revealed the rating for The Lara Croft Collection, believed to be a compilation re-release of both Lara Croft spinoffs. The compilation is referred to as a “collection of two action-adventure games” and given a T for Teen rating for mild blood, mild language, and violence. The update comes after developer Feral Interactive had gone mostly silent about the two games since their announcement in October 2021. The rating page does not reveal a release date for the collection, though its existence suggests the game’s debut may be sooner than later.

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The new information about the Lara Croft games comes as the franchise has gone somewhat dormant since the Crystal Dynamics reboot trilogy. The last main-series Tomb Raider game came with the conclusion of the franchise’s “Survivor” trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider launching in 2018. Since then, the iconic series has only released a mobile spinoff in Tomb Raider Reloaded earlier this year. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed another main-series Tomb Raider game is in development, though little information about it has been revealed.

Despite little being known about the next new Tomb Raider game, some details have been shared by Crystal Dynamics. The newest Tomb Raider game will reportedly act as a uniting factor for the franchise, merging its several different storylines together. Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed that Amazon Games will be publishing the newest Tomb Raider, with the developer parting ways with Square Enix. The Lara Croft re-releases will look to be a way to tide Tomb Raider fans over until the next Crystal Dynamics adventure.

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The Lara Croft Collection is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: ESRB (via ResetEra)


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