Rumor: Xbox to Launch Limited-Edition Wireless Controller and Headset

Rumor: Xbox to Launch Limited-Edition Wireless Controller and Headset

There is reportedly a new limited edition set of accessories coming for Xbox, which includes a wireless headset and controller. There are plenty of controller options for Xbox gamers, with new ones being introduced every few months. While there are a lot of different controllers available for gamers, another one is set to be released sometime soon.

The Xbox Series X/S controller is an iteration of the controller from the last generation’s Xbox One, with slightly different shapes and buttons. Several new colored variants and models of the Xbox Series X/S controller have been released since the console’s launch in 2020, many fulfilling a different need or vibe for any player. This includes a wireless Elite Series X Core Controller for PC or Xbox gaming, to ones designed with fighting game players in mind. This reportedly new iteration of the controller is also set to be another wireless accessory.


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According to Twitter user billbil_kun, Microsoft will release a new Limited Edition Xbox controller and headset at some point in the future, though no release date has been set yet. The user also revealed its pricing for these accessories, which will be $79.99 for the controller and $124.99 for the headset. Alongside a couple of screenshots of the Xbox accessories themselves, they also give out their code names: the controller being given the codename Ogden, with the headset being called Orren.

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In regards to billbil_kun, the Twitter user has had a somewhat reliable track record in terms of accuracy. They have previously leaked information that ended up being true, such as the game titles in a PlayStation Plus lineup ahead of its official announcement, along with leaking the existence of Microsoft’s plans for a Diablo 4 Xbox Series X console collaboration to coincide with the game’s launch, which did get revealed a few days after its initial report. While the leaker has been quite accurate with their guesses in the past, fans should still wait and see if this information ends up being true or not.

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There are some other rumors regarding custom Xbox hardware that is going around, where it states that Microsoft reportedly has a custom Xbox controller and headset that will be tied to the release of Bethesda’s Starfield. According to this new rumor, however, there are no plans to make a Starfield-themed Xbox Series X/S console to tie in with its release later in September.

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