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Sigma Flight Glitch Makes Him Lore-Accurate For First Time

Sigma Flight Glitch Makes Him Lore-Accurate For First Time

Sigma Flight Glitch Lets Overwatch Players Fly Forever

Overwatch Season 4 is heading up with its latest update. There’s a huge space opera event going on. It’s got exclusive cosmetics, a special OW Starwatch game mode, and thanks to a bug there’s now a way to get some real futuristic powers in the game. Due to a Sigma flight glitch, he can glide around permanently in Overwatch 2 right now.

Overwatch has a few characters which have varied movement abilities. Some of these include limited flight, usually with the Ults like Mercy or Sigma. However, a recent OW bug has broken Sigma’s flight. We can now fly indefinitely with the Sigma flight glitch.

Sigma Flight Glitch Makes Him Lore-Accurate For First TimeSigma Flight Glitch Makes Him Lore-Accurate For First Time

Source: Pluto, YouTube

Overwatch 2 Sigma Flight Glitch

The recent Overwatch patch has fixed some characters, like adding Lifeweaver buffs and adjusting other characters. One character has had a major change though. A new Sigma bug gives him infinite flight.

How the glitch works, is that Sigma Ultimate will automatically cast at its full charge. If Sigma is looking at the sky at the moment or pointing towards something that he can’t use his Gravity Flux on, then he gets locked into the animation. Essentially, this means Sigma takes to the skies and can stay stuck up there forever.

The bug will only come into play in specific circumstances. His previous Ult has to be cast at the end of its duration. You’ll need to stay alive for quite a while to get it to work, long enough to get two Ultimates. Flying is fun, but there are disadvantages too. Sigma can use his basic fire but not the rest of his abilities.

The reaction to the bug has been mixed. While glitches are usually annoying, there are some fun reasons why some players are enjoying this bug in particular. Sigma in the extended Overwatch lore can fly! This Sigma flight bug is actually making him more lore accurate!

Maybe once we get Overwatch PVE, we’ll get a legitimate way of using Sigma’s flight. Till then this kind of hard to activate bug is the next best thing.


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