Skyrim Fan Creates Incredible Replica of Helm of Yngol

Skyrim Fan Creates Incredible Replica of Helm of Yngol

A Skyrim fan creates an incredible replica of the Helm of Yngol which can be looted by mid to high-leveled players in Yngol Barrow.

Bethesda has always created memorable loot for its RPGs, and that’s no different with Skyrim which has what’s known as the Helm of Yngol which a fan has commemorated through an impressive replica. Since Skyrim was released back in 2011, many fans have expressed their appreciation for the Bethesda RPG creatively in numerous ways, with this helmet being among the most impressive.

Because of how iconic Bethesda’s weapon and armor design has been over the years and the longevity of Skyrim, there are a number of items in the RPG that players would like to have in their own collections. Much of the early Skyrim moments feature underwhelming gear, but as a player explores the landscape and delves into dungeons, they’ll find progressively more useful and aesthetically unique gear. Celebrating the Helm of Yngol which can be looted in the throne room of Yngol Barrow upon defeating Yngol’s shade which is protecting it, one Skyrim fan has made an incredible replica that would definitely fit into the world crafted by Bethesda.


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Reddit user PKJ2002 recently shared several images of their physical version of Skyrim‘s Helm of Yngol, highlighting it from nearly every angle to emphasize the attention to detail. Beyond the familiarly shaped opening for the face of Skyrim protagonist Dovahkiin, the helmet’s horns are shaped and grooved to near perfection to replicate the in-game armor. The rivets in the Helm of Yngol are featured in PKJ2002’s design, and they wrap around from the face to the back which is dirty and damaged as it would be after being recovered from one of the many Nordic tombs of Skyrim.

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The majority of the bottom half of the Helmet of Yngol has a Celtic pattern on it both in Skyrim and PKJ2002’s creation, a design that flows up to the top of its rear. Because there don’t seem to be any joints where the Helm of Yngol horns meet what’s normally the metal portion of the Skyrim heavy armor, the mimic appears to be all one piece, with a couple of intentional gashes in various places. According to PKJ2002, their Helm of Yngol replica can be worn, something that will depend on someone’s head size.

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Although PKJ2002 hasn’t elaborated on how their Helm of Yngol was made or what inspired them to make it, it appears to be at least partially 3D printed like other Skyrim fan creations. Because the Reddit user hasn’t expressed their thoughts on the project despite tons of responses, it’s currently unclear if they’re taking commissions to create more replicas in the future.

Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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