Skyrim Player Finds an Unexpected Use for Nazeem

Skyrim Player Finds an Unexpected Use for Nazeem

It’s no secret that Nazeem is one of the most hated NPCs in Skyrim, but someone has found a way to transform the snobby Redguard character into somebody useful in a fight. Not only is The Elder Scrolls 5 one of Bethesda’s highest-selling games, it’s also one of the most successful RPGs in recent memory. It’s still going strong to this day, despite releasing more than 11 years ago, and much of this continued popularity is down to a number of factors.

As well as being immersive and offering up lots for players to see and do, there are plenty of NPCs to interact with. While Skyrim has its share of hated characters, it’s the fact that village folk and city dwellers have their own lives to lead that adds to that sense of immersion. Given the number of civilians across the whole game, it just makes sense that there would be at least a few that players can’t get on with, but there are still ways in which they can sometimes prove useful.


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One such example comes from Reddit user Geta92, who recently uploaded a clip from their Skyrim playthrough which shows how Whiterun’s Nazeem can be put to use. In the footage, the player paralyzes the Redguard NPC before throwing a Mind Control Spider onto him. Geta92 is then arrested by the guards and thrown in jail. However, upon finishing their sentence, they return to the center of Whiterun to find that Nazeem is now following them, weapon in hand. The video then cuts to the player attacking bandits in a cave with Nazeem in tow.

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The Mind Control Spider is just one of a number of spider scrolls that can be obtained in Skyrim. As the name suggests, it grants the Dragonborn the ability to control someone, in this case everyone’s favorite character to hate. Geta92 says that a series of tricks allowed them to take charge of the NPC, including switching to a different area, quicksaving, and quickloading. A few people commenting agreed that this was a neat exploit which some were not even aware of after playing the game for years.

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Over the course of more than a decade, many gamers have taken delight in giving Skyrim‘s Nazeem a hard time. His pompous attitude towards the player is typically what irks people the most. As mentioned above, there are other NPCs that are easy to dislike, but for many, Nazeem is typically the first one that comes to mind.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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