Somebody beat Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with out touching the floor

Somebody beat Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with out touching the floor

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like its older sibling Breath of the Wild, is a large recreation. It was probably not a shock when avid gamers began speedrunning this behemoth, however a brand new, extra shocking methodology of saving the land of Hyrule has been uncovered: finishing Tears of the Kingdom with out touching the floor, sticking to both the sky islands or depths.

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Reddit consumer Black_Hand_Gotthard posted a set of screenshots showcasing their victory on September 21, together with the ending cutscene, their sky map, and proof of all 4 dungeons accomplished. For those who enterprise into the feedback, you may be taught particularly how they pulled off this job.

“I traveled from sky island to sky island,” Black_Hand-Gotthard explains. “Completed all of the shrines. Obtained the Grasp Sword. Flew from the sky into the depths and completed of Ganondorf [sic]. Mitigated the autumn harm by utilizing fairys [sic].”

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At first, my thought was ‘no, this certainly isn’t potential’. However the extra I considered it, the extra I spotted… not solely is it potential, however with sufficient willpower and grit, it’s fairly doable. You additionally most likely have to be adept at dodging, on condition that Ganondorf packs a large punch in the event you’re not cautious. 

Additionally, it appears Black_Hand_Gotthard needed to battle every of the sport’s dungeon bosses after leaping right down to the depths of Hyrule Fort, reasonably than finishing the dungeons themselves. 

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“I didn’t end any of the dungeons. I simply flew straight to the chasm underneath Hyrule fortress after ending the sky,” they stated within the feedback on Reddit.

The legend of goofy problem runs

As loopy — and as masochistic — as this accomplishment appears, the group round trendy Zelda video games has been stuffed to the brim with runs similar to it. In truth, it’s completely potential to see the tip credit of Breath of the Wild shortly after making it off the Nice Plateau, which admittedly defeats the aim of getting a wealthy and emotionally devastating storyline. However, gamers have taken that concept and run with it. We’ve already seen a number of challenges based mostly on defeating Ganon with restricted assets, with some more successful than others.

So, we are able to most likely count on one other half-decade of gamers defying the principles and discovering new, distinctive methods to the sport. In any case, solely a bit over 4 months have handed since Tears of the Kingdom launched. We’ve probably solely scratched the unwalked-surface of how probably the most devoted gamers will beat this recreation.

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