Someone Is Playing Elden Ring Upside Down With A Steering Wheel

Someone Is Playing Elden Ring Upside Down With A Steering Wheel

It has officially reached the point where it feels like Elden Ring players are pulling items and scenarios out of a hat and then using whatever they select to play the game. That’s the only reason I can think why someone has decided to play the game upside down using a steering wheel. Much like some of the other weird and wonderful ways people have been playing Elden Ring, it showcases something many of us can only dream of doing.

Zestypineapples737 is the streamer attempting to traverse The Lands Between using a steering wheel, sharing every step (or maybe should that be every tyre tread?) they’ve taken on their YouTube channel. The journey has taken four months so far with the latest video at the time of typing this showing zestypineapples’ battle with Malenia. Yes, the streamer is so confident with the steering wheel at this point that they’ve veered off course to battle the game’s most difficult boss even though they don’t have to.

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A quick look at some of zestypineapples videos shows the streamer using a steering wheel and pedals to control their Tarnished, complete with an upside-down screen for them to look at just to make things even more difficult. The footage was actually shown to viewers upside down for the first five videos, but if you did check out the run early on and couldn’t handle that, I can confirm more recent streams have been the right way up for everyone other than the player.

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Those of you who have been keenly following the antics of Elden Ring’s most adept players for the past year will know damn well that playing the game upside down with a steering wheel is the latest in a long line of innovative ways it has been played. Other accomplishments include playing two copies of the game at the same time, one of them with a dance mat, and one streamer using their mind to finish the game, quite literally mapping their brain activity to in-game controls.

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All evidence that not only are players who have dedicated months to the game among some of the most talented gamers ever, but that they are also getting very bored. Even though The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is confirmed to be on the way, some of you have become so tired of waiting for new content that you’ve been making your own boss fights. With Armored Core 6 launching in August, hopefully it will be all hands on deck for Elden Ring’s DLC after that.

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