Sonic Frontiers is Now Officially the Best-Selling 3D Sonic Game of All Time

Sonic Frontiers is Now Officially the Best-Selling 3D Sonic Game of All Time

Sonic Frontiers is officially the best-selling 3D Sonic game of all time, smashing through a previous milestone set by one of the older titles.

In just seven months, Sonic Frontiers has broken the previous sales numbers of the best-selling 3D Sonic game of all time, claiming the coveted title for itself. This news has come in shortly after Sega announced Frontiers‘ growing sales numbers in March, showing that the title has continued to sell far beyond the company’s expectations even now.

Recently, Sega acquired Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds. In the wake of this change for both companies, they held a press conference that goes over how the acquisition will benefit each side. For many gamers, this press conference won’t matter much, but as the presenter discusses how the purchase will help grow both Sega and Rovio’s IPs, Sonic Frontiers’ sales numbers are mentioned.


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Nearly 17 minutes into the presentation, it’s stated that Sonic’s latest adventure has already sold 3.5 million units, which is 500,000 more than what was reported two months ago. Interestingly enough, these new sales numbers come after Sonic Frontiers launched its first free DLC update in late March, suggesting that the new content might have managed to convince potential buyers who were on the fence previously.


What makes this milestone so important is that Sonic Heroes, the first proper multi-platform 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game was known for selling 3.41 million copies at the end of 2007. This effectively made it the best-selling 3D title the franchise has under its belt. Despite the success of Sonic Generations and the Wii-exclusive Sonic Colors, Heroes held onto its claim to fame for 16 years. Now, Sonic Frontiers has broken its milestone in record time, making Heroes the second best-selling 3D title after a long run at the top.

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There are many incredible statements that Frontiers makes to both Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog fans with these sales numbers. For series loyalists, they can rest easy knowing that Sonic has found its footing in the open-zone presentation Frontiers’ utilized, something many players enjoyed despite its flaws. For Sega, it shows that Sonic Team can deliver amazing experiences with enough time and care given to the studio, as Sonic Frontiers was held back a year to ensure it would be a great product.

Even with these record-breaking sales, Sonic Frontiers isn’t done yet. There are still two free DLC updates set to be released later this year, with the second wave likely to release in late June for the series’ 32nd anniversary. If these free updates for all players truly does correlate to these growing sales numbers, then the third update should help Frontiers go even higher before the year is over. The third DLC aims to add a new story and a few new playable characters, likely netting a few last minute sales from fans who have wished to play as more than just Sonic himself for the last several years.

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Sonic Frontiers is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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