Spider-Man Fans Are Sick Of Seeing The Same Image Of Peter And Miles

Spider-Man Fans Are Sick Of Seeing The Same Image Of Peter And Miles

Spider-Man fans seem to be at their breaking point after seeing the same image of Peter and Miles standing next to each other from the Spider-Man 2 reveal trailer.

Despite having a set release window and Insomniac seeming incredibly confident that it’s going to release this year, so far we’ve only seen one trailer for Spider-Man 2, which shows Peter and Miles facing some goons before running into Venom in an alleyway. As great as a reveal trailer as that was back in 2021, it seems that the long wait for new information has made it wear out its welcome – specifically, everyone is sick of seeing that same still of Peter and Miles standing next to each other while facing the camera.

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Not only has it been used in tweets from PlayStation about Spider-Man 2 (including the one that confirmed its release window), but it’s also prominently featured in the “Live from PlayStation” adverts that have been making the rounds over the past few months. Having to see that same image over and over again seems to have broken the Spider-Man community, as the Spider-Man PS4 subreddit is currently full of posts making fun of the screenshot and pointing out just how much it’s been used over the past two years.

The overuse of this one still has been a complaint for some time, but it’s now reached a point where the subreddit is absolutely packed with memes making fun of it. Taking a quick scroll through the subreddit shows posts that replace Peter and Miles with other gaming characters standing in the same position, alongside ones claiming to have a new “leaked screenshot” that just shows the same image with a grainy filter over it. The Spider-Man community truly seems done with it all.

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To make matters worse, the Spider-Man 2 prequel comic that just launched today features the infamous image emblazoned on the back page. This was highlighted by Redditor TheHeeper55, who shared a picture of the comic with the caption, “on the back of the official comic. I am going insane”.

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This mockery isn’t just limited to the subreddit either, as it’s even being made fun of over on Twitter. Twitter user ArkhamNumb shared a post comprised of the same four screenshots next to each other, saying, “Spider-Man 2 has the promotion of all-time”. The tweet was liked more than 15,000 times in less than 24 hours, which should say something about how widespread the meme has become.

Another tweet from Twitter user hzjoe03 highlights exactly how everyone is feeling by showing the back of the comic with the caption, “IS THIS THE ONLY IMAGE THEY HAVE OF SPIDER-MAN 2 OR SOMETHING???”. Some are even beginning to think that Insomniac is trolling the community on purpose.

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J. Jonah Jameson’s cries of “Get me pictures of Spider-Man!” have never rang truer.

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