Star Citizen: Best MISC Ships

Star Citizen features a range of ship manufacturers. From the brutalist design of Drake to the infamous military presence of Aegis, the game has it all.

MISC, also known as Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern, is a manufacturer with a far more industrial focus with most of their ships targeted towards cargo hauling, mining, or exploration in Star Citizen. This puts them in a unique category where they don’t have to directly compete with some of the largest military manufacturers such as Aegis or Anvil. This guide will showcase some of MISC’s best ships and how players can make the most out of each one.


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MISC Freelancer

Star Citizen MISC Freelancer MAX

The MISC Freelancer is primarily a cargo-hauling ship. However, the many variants of the Freelancer give it some versatility to take on most tasks in the Star Citizen universe. Although the standard model of the ship features 66 SCU of cargo (plenty for most cargo runs) the Freelancer MAX almost doubles this at 120 SCU. Although this still cannot compete with the behemoth cargo haulers such as the Drake caterpillar or the Crusader C2, the MAX is a great medium-size option that is slightly more versatile and more maneuverable.

The Freelancer DUR is another variant that is focused on the exploration side of the game. The ship has an improved jump drive, scanner, and fuel tank to fill this role.

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The final variant is the Freelancer MIS. This is specialized towards combat and militia activities with an improved missile system.

In general, the Freelancer MAX is considered the best in its role with all the variants in the Freelancer series. The overhaul feel of the ship is nice, especially with its similarities to the MISC Hull series (another specified cargo hauling series).

MISC Hull Series

Star Citizen Hull Series

Currently, there is only one MISC Hull variant available in Star Citizen, the Hull A. The Hull series is made to be the standard “cargo truck,” with the Hull C being the most common ship in the entire universe according to the lore.

With five different variants, this series can cover everyone’s cargo needs. Whether it’s a small package, or a massive haul going across the Stanton system, there will be a Hull ship for the job.

The 5 variants are:

  • Hull A
    • Cargo: 64 SCU
    • Cost: $60 USD
  • Hull B
    • Cargo: 384 SCU
    • Cost: $90 USD
  • Hull C
    • Cargo: 4,608 SCU
    • Cost: $200 USD
  • Hull D
    • Cargo: 20,736 SCU
    • Cost: $350 USD
  • Hull E
    • Cargo: 98,304 SCU
    • Cost $550 USD

Players will need to assess their cargo needs and make a decision depending on how much they are willing to pay for each variant as they climb. Currently, the Hull A is a great option that can be upgraded at a later date.

MISC Prospector

Star Citizen Prospector Mining

The Prospector is one of two mining ships currently in Star Citizen. This ship is great for those looking to make the most out of this gameplay loop, as it is a great upgrade from hand and ground mining. The Prospector comes with upgradable modules that can be changed out to suit the needs of the pilot. These can really change the experience for the player, so getting the right ones can make a difference, even for new players.

With 32 SCU of storage for raw material, the Prospector can allow players to make a decent amount of profit from each run. However, it is recommended that players drop off their cargo at a refinery and head back out into the system to continue while the materials are being refined. This will maximize profits and make the most out of the gameplay loop. At 2,061,000 aUEC, the Prospector isn’t cheap, but few other ships will give such a great return for this price. It also opens up options for the player when they are deciding how to spend time within the verse.

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The alternative to the Prospector is the Argo Mole. This ship is made for multi-crew gameplay and shouldn’t really be used by a solo pilot. Unfortunately, the mole still needs some work to put it on par with the Prospector, as it is still far more effective to have three individuals in separate Prospectors rather than working together in the Mole.

MISC Razor

Star Citizen MISC Razor Race Missions

When it comes to Racing, few games do it like Star Citizen. In 3.18, the first seven races were introduced to the Stanton system.

There are a few racing ships in the game that give the players a good amount of flexibility when it comes to their choice. The MISC Razor is a dedicated racer that is hard to compete against. With a top speed of 1,345 m/s, few ships in the verse can keep up with this ship in a straight line and around the corners.

The main attraction of the Razor is its resemblance to today’s high-performance race cars. The rear spoiler and front wing heavily resemble Formula 1 cars, a sport that has grown in popularity massively over the last few years.

MISC Reliant Tana

Star Citizen MISC Reliant Tana

The MISC Reliant series of ships are among the most eccentric ships in the game. Although there are alien-made ships that stand out from the rest, the Reliant is man-made and features a unique hull unlike any other.

There has been much debate as to which variant is the “best” with each facilitating a different need in the verse. The Reliant Kore comes as a starter ship that carries up to 6 SCU of cargo. For those looking for an upgrade from this, the Tana is a great choice. As a versatile fighter, the Tana replaces 5 SCU of cargo with improved combat capabilities.

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This variant comes with two size 4 cannons and two size 2 cannons, all under the pilot’s control. The additional 20 missiles allow for an increased engagement range and versatility whilst fighting, particularly in space combat. For those looking for a more explorative ship, the Sen and Mako variants are great for getting to see more of the verse.

Star Citizen is available on PC.

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