Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Datadisc Rewards at Zee’s Datadisc Decryption

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The next chapter of Cal Kestis’ adventure continues in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and this time around, he is going to be meeting even more interesting characters that will aid his struggle against the Empire. While there are companions that can help out with the combat, there is also a saloon full of space awaiting the arrival of several colorful characters to add life to the place.

One of the key characters that will make a permanent home of Pyloon’s Saloon is ZN-A4, or Zee, a droid from the High Republic era that has been asleep for two hundred years before being awoken by the Jedi Knight. While hearing stories of a bygone age might be fun, this character also fulfills an important function in being a vendor. This guide to all Datadiscs Rewards at Zee’s Datadisc Decryption in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will help players understand everything that is at stake.


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What are Datadiscs?

What are Datadiscs

Found in High Republican ruins, these remnants of an era gone by are important reminders of the past, and could very well be a lesson for those venturing into the future. Look out for shiny glints in the environment when exploring such areas, as they can be collected to trade at Zee’s for Perks as well as materials and parts for BD-1.

All Datadiscs Rewards in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Datadiscs Rewards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor (2)

Once Zee has been found and rescued, she can be found on the second floor of the saloon, just next to Skoova’s aquarium. Her selection is particularly useful for those looking for more of an edge in the fight against the Imperials, and can make BD-1 look even more adorable than before. Here’s what’s on sale:

All Datadiscs Rewards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor (1)

Key Item

  • Perk Slot (10 Datadiscs) – The most important buy, purchasing this will instantly add another Perk Slot for Cal to equip.


Add even more flexibility to the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with these useful enhancements:

  • Equilibrium (5 Datadiscs) – Using a Force ability increases the damage of the next lightsaber attack
  • Versatility (5 Datadiscs) – Deal extra damage temporarily after switching lightsaber stances, such as from Double-Bladed to Dual Wield.
  • Wisdom (5 Datadiscs) – Gain more experience from defeating enemies.
  • Elixir (5 Datadiscs) – Healing stims also fill a small amount of the Super Meter.
  • Flux (5 Datadiscs) – Regenerate a small amount of Force Meter over time, but the maximum Force Meter is reduced.
  • Steadfast (5 Datadiscs) – Absorb one hit without being interrupted while sprinting.

BD-1 Parts

Give the faithful companion a new look with these extra parts for customization.

  • Swooper Audio Sensors (2 Datadiscs)
  • Swooper Photoreceptors (2 Datadiscs)
  • Kaminoan Head (2 Datadiscs)
  • Kaminoan Body (2 Datadiscs)
  • Nocular Legs (2 Datadiscs)

BD-1 Materials

Similarly, a new paint job can give BD-1 a fresh leash of life during Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

  • Droid Paint (2 Datadiscs)
  • Basic Metal (2 Datadiscs)
  • Textured Rubber (2 Datadiscs)
  • Hard Plastoid (2 Datadiscs)
  • Worn Metal (2 Datadiscs)

Those keeping count will need to know that there are a total of 60 Datadiscs that can be found throughout the various High Republican ruins in the game. Obtaining all of them will not just allow Cal to be stocked with more options for Perks, but also make BD-1 a much more impressive-looking partner in crime. Other than Datadiscs, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor also contains other collectibles worth seeking out in the form of Priorite Shards, Jedha Scrolls, and Bounty Pucks, all of which can be traded for valuable rewards.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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