Star Wars Jedi: Survivor modder “single-handedly fixes” PC performance with drastic FPS boost – Dexerto

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor modder “single-handedly fixes” PC performance with drastic FPS boost – Dexerto

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor modder has “single-handedly fixed” the PC port’s controversial performance with drastic FPS boosts by utilizing NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.

Right as the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came out last week, Survivor was immediately hit with a slew of criticisms of its poor performances, mainly on PC. 

Despite reviews, like ours at Dexerto, praising the game as a worthy sequel, the poor performance for the port in particular, was so prevalent that thousands in the community quickly began review-bombing the title. 

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This has led one modder to take matters into their own hands, deciding to mod in NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 in an attempt to remedy the game’s lackluster FPS performance.

PureDark, a modder who has worked on implementing DLSS in Skyrim and Elden Ring in the past, decided to attempt implementing it in Jedi: Survivor shortly after launch. However, their implementation of DLSS is not “proper,” as they explain.

Rather, as they admit in the description, “I can only mod DLSSG into it, but because of [Denuvo] I can’t replace FSR2 with DLSS.”

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For context, Denuvo is an anti-tamper Digital Rights Manager which many video games implement to avoid hacking or source code gathering. And DLSSG is an option in DLSS 3 which enables DLSS Frame Generation.

And FSR2 is the upscaling algorithm from AMD, which Respawn is sponsored by. FSR2 is essentially comparable to NVIDIA’s DLSS 2. 

Despite the ‘improper’ implementation of DLSS, we can see a good improvement in the game’s graphics. In the video, we see the FPS count hover between 45-50 FPS. But upon activating the DLSS mod, we see it jump to the 90-100 FPS range. 

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released to poor performances on the PC port, which a modder has decided to fix

However, there are still noticeable artifacts in the game, and PureDark admits it looks like “motion blurring with some ghosting”. 

That is because what DLSSG does is not directly improve the game’s performance, rather it uses AI to generate missing frames, which results in the game looking like it has added motion blurring. This is the same AI that upscales low FPS videos.

Despite the restrictions, PureDark says in the comments that they want to keep trying to properly implement DLSS 3 into Jedi: Survivor. So fans should stay tuned for a more refined mod in the coming weeks.

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As one viewer put it, PureDark is all but “singlehandedly” working to alleviate FPS issues before official patches from Respawn roll out.


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