Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Mogu Bug Makes Your XP Impossible To Get Back

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Mogu Bug Makes Your XP Impossible To Get Back

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has an enemy type called the ‘Mogu’. They’re essentially big lumbering space trolls that you’ll find hiding around derelict ruins. They’re annoying enough to fight, but some players report that they punch so hard your XP recovery gets sent underground when you die, meaning you can’t reach it.

Like Dark Souls, you lose all of your unspent XP if you die. To get it back, you need to find where you died and hit the enemy who killed you with a single attack or find a glowing gold marker. The issue with the Mogu is that, when it kills you, there’s a bug that may push this golden marker out of reach. One user on Reddit, brentparz, shared a picture of their map which showed that the XP had been moved three meters below ground – clearly, that’s not an intentional feature.

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You need XP to buy skill points, so to lose a banked number permanently can be a major setback depending on how much you had. And this glitch isn’t an isolated incident as several others have reported the same, such as slaymaker1907 who simply said, “The glowy spot seems to be underground.” Unless Cal Kestis is an avid miner, I’m not sure he has the tools to dig it out.

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The glitch was also highlighted on Game FAQs by Mannzis, “So I fought a troll like guy on a bridge, and died. When I came back, he didn’t have my xp on him, there was an x on the bridge, but I couldn’t get it. Anyone know what happened? How can I get my xp!?”

Another user, Hikari1231, replied, “Had this happen to me – the XP was just on a random spot nearby instead of the enemy.”

It appears as though the Mogu’s attacks are scattering the golden marker for recovery, making it harder to find. In some cases, it might simply be nearby (and still reachable), but in others, it gets flung out of bounds. Either way, the glitch is common, so be extra careful when fighting a Mogu and double-check your map if you do go down.

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Jedi: Survivor is laden with bugs right now, and it’s so bad on PC in particular that it launched to ‘Mostly Negative’ Steam reviews, with most citing the performance. Developer Respawn promised even before launch that there would be “weeks” of fixes, so hopefully, somewhere along the way, the XP recovery bug gets ironed out too.

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