Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Are Turning Their Lightsabers Into Nerf Guns

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Are Turning Their Lightsabers Into Nerf Guns

As players have been eagerly discovering over the past week, there’s a ton of customization available in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Most of that has to do with Cal and how you can give him various different hairdos, beard styles, and outfits, but there’s also a wide variety of lightsaber and blaster parts to find and collect.

Additionally, those blasters and lightsabers can be further customized with different colors and textures, to the point where you can really make Cal Kestis your own character and arm him with whatever you want. Even if what you want is for Cal to be armed with weapons provided by everyone’s favorite foam dart armorer.

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Head over to the Jedi: Fallen Order subreddit and you can rate user Nickasaurus’ blaster, which looks an awful lot like the old Nerf Maverick. The lightsaber also shares the same colors, but even Nerf didn’t go so far as to make a lightsaber with pink, orange, and neon green paint.

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The Nerfs continue on Twitter. Here we have Maximillion Awesome‘s somewhat more understated Nerf blaster, while Emmett’s Nerf build uses the brand’s traditional colors. Even the lightsaber claymore seems less threatening when it’s painted orange and light blue.

Rate my paintjob

by u/Nicksaurus in FallenOrder

There are a lot of other options available to Jedi: Survivors other than giving Cal Nerf weaponry. You can make him look like Luke, Obi-Wan, or even Anakin Skywalker using a number of different themed outfits taken straight out of past films, or you could mix and match to make your own unique Jedi. Or you can combine the mullet, long mustache, and beard options to make your own redneck Jedi. May the force be with y’all.

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Jedi Survivor recently received its first performance patch after EA warned players that the game would be a little rough on day one, and it seems like it has made some improvement. Jedi: Survivor launched with fairly poor performance on PC and a jarring stutter that could ruin a Jedi’s flow, but it seems like EA is following through with its promise to continue supporting Jedi: Survivor post-launch.

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Elsewhere in Star Wars land, Jedi: Survivor has caused quite the stir regarding an oft-forgotten topic in sci-fi: where do all these people poop? It turns out, there are toilets in the ancient past (or far future, depending on your perspective), with one player spotting a crapper on Koboh, Zwiezen. You can even flush it, rewarding the player with the appropriate sounds. And a lot of fans are wondering why we haven’t seen toilets in other Star Wars media. Take The Mandalorian–where does he do his business in that old Naboo fighter?

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