Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Can Use Bones To Lock The Rancor’s Jaw

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Can Use Bones To Lock The Rancor’s Jaw

As we know, Cal Kestis’ training was cut short after Order 66 was issued. In Fallen Order, we saw a young Cal train under Master Jaro Tapal in how to use a lightsaber and in the ways of the Force. However, as we’ve noticed in the previous game, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as well, Cal struggles the most against non-humanoid enemies.

He got his ass handed to him by a giant alien frog in the first game, and its spawn in the sequel. Not to mention the Rancors. It’s evident that Jaro Tapal didn’t quite get to the monster killing part of Cal’s Jedi syllabus before his tragic death. Speaking of Rancors, some players have realised that they can use their surroundings to make the fight a bit easier.

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A lot of players find that the first Rancor fight has a major difficulty spike. There are all sorts of tips and tricks you can use in the battle, but Respawn Entertainment has included one of its own, which you might not have noticed. As pointed out by dyllgates on Reddit, Cal can use his Force powers to toss one of the nearby bones into the Rancor’s mouth.

The bone gets stuck in the hulking monster’s mouth and gives you an opening to unleash your lightsaber upon it. There are only about three to four bones laying around the area, so use them wisely. The game doesn’t make any indication that you can do this, so some players were pretty surprised to find out it’s possible. Maybe if Atreus was around, he would have pointed it out.

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The comments section was filled with players who were shocked to learn that this was even possible. The bones do glow a bit to show that they can be Force pulled, but it’s hard to notice when you’re being chased around by an alien cave troll. Many mentioned that they wish they knew of this trick before they died 30 times to the Rancor.

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“Wished I knew this 4 days ago, but did it finally and glad there are cool ways like this, thank you, will try out on new game plus if there is such thing,” said zeeshnomat. Living up to their name, ivanwarrior said, “I got lucky against the rancor on my 5th try, it made me want to respawn it and try again to see if I was really good enough to do it.”

While Jaro Tapal wasn’t able to teach Cal everything. He definitely gave him a lesson in the lesser known Jedi art of cosplay. Many of the outfits that can be found in Jedi: Survivor are direct references to other Star Wars characters, like Luke and Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and even spin-off characters like General Rahm Kota and Kyle Katarn.

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