Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Share Their Funny Force Fails

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players Share Their Funny Force Fails

In almost every piece of Star Wars media, we’ve only ever seen Force wielders perform powerful feats like pulling down star fighters, or intricate tasks like assembling a lightsaber. However, we tend to forget that physics is still a thing even in the Star Wars universe. And so, despite the use of the mystical Force, objects will still adhere to Newtonian Laws.

And so, there is a lot that can go wrong if you’re not careful while using the Force – as players have found out in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Cal was trained well by Master Jaro Tapal, but sometimes even the best Jedi can lose focus, resulting in a painful or even fatal accident. Players have been sharing these unfortunate, and rather hilarious, incidents.

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Subreddits and other forums dedicated to the game are filled with clips of Cal messing up while using the Force, like this one by MamaBear182. In their video, Cal Force pushes a rock while standing a bit too close to it. The rock ends up bouncing off a nearby object and knocks Cal down. “What. I feel so dumb,” was the fitting caption for the video.

“Going to mention how I forced pulled one to me and let go before it stopped in front of me,” said one of the comments. “Was reminded of the first law of motion at that point.” It seems if you Force pull an object towards you, but stop before it becomes static, it will hit you because it’s still in motion. I’m sure Anakin Skywalker has done this at some point in his life.

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Another comical video was shared by Chupa_Dupa, with the caption “I can’t make this up.” And boy, were they right. In the video, Cal Force pushes an RPG Stormtrooper just as he’s loading a rocket into it. The Stormtrooper and RPG fly off the ledge, but in an instance almost out of The Road Runner Show, the rocket flies out of the Stormtrooper’s hand, falls to the ground, and explodes, taking Cal with it.

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You’d usually expect the rocket to go flying along with the Stormtrooper, but Respawn has clearly paid close attention to the environment and physics. I don’t mean to compare, but these silly deaths are almost out of a FromSoftware game. Of course, you’re going to feel stupid when it happens and you lose your hard earned progress, but it’s worth it for the video.

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Along with these Force blunders, Jedi: Survivor players have also been discussing their favourite lightsaber stances. Cal can wield his lightsabers in a number of ways, each suiting different kinds of players. However, it seems that the Blaster and Dual-Wield stances are currently the most popular ones among most players, as they are the most versatile.

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