Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Was Designed To Annoy Players

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Scavenger Droid Was Designed To Annoy Players

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor developer has admitted that one of the enemy types in the sequel was intentionally designed to frustrate players. He even mentioned that if this design did not achieve the intended reaction, he would be greatly disappointed.

While Jedi: Survivor mostly provides more of the same, the game takes the core elements of its predecessor, Fallen Order, and expands on them. This is particularly true when it comes to the variety of enemies that protagonist Cal Kestis faces on his journey. Alongside the familiar threats of Imperial forces and aggressive fauna, players must contend with various droids. The harmless Scavenger Droids are just one example of the ways in which the designers have enhanced the player experience. This small machine carries valuable items that players need to collect, but can easily flee from battle. Though these droids are relatively rare, each encounter is uniquely frustrating — a deliberate choice that the game’s designer took seriously.


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A Star Wars fan account recently shared an appreciation post of “the shy Red Droid” in Jedi: Survivor, which prompted a response from Respawn Entertainment’s game designer Mitchell F. Wolfe (thanks, Gamepur). He revealed that he personally “designed or at least managed every Scavenger Droid encounter” in the sequel and made them intentionally annoying for players. Wolfe stated that he had one of his “most personal impacts” with this one during development, and even joked that if players weren’t bothered by the droids fleeing away, he would take it personally.

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According to Wolfe, when designing puzzles like this in Jedi: Survivor, he always considers the player’s success, but also gives himself “a lot of leeway in difficulty” and allows for innovative approaches as often as possible. He also mentioned that he could have made Scavenger Droids even more unbearable by placing them farther away from meditation points, and perhaps we have to thank him for holding back. Other developers from the studio have also some “kind” words to say about Scavenger Droids, referring to them as “metal rat bastards” among other things. But at least they look cute, right?

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Despite its initial release receiving “mostly negative” Steam reviews due to its technical issues, the team at Respawn has been working diligently to improve the player experience with the title. The devs have already released three patches to address the game’s problems, and they just announced the upcoming fourth patch, which is set to launch today on consoles, and later this week on PC.

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