Stardew Valley Player Shows off Incredible Riverland Farm

Stardew Valley Player Shows off Incredible Riverland Farm

A fan is earning praise from other Stardew Valley players for creating a gorgeous farm with one of the game’s more difficult maps, the Riverlands map.

Many different players are currently congratulating a player on their gorgeous Stardew Valley farm layout that took quite a lot of careful planning and resource management to build. Plenty of farming simulators encourage players to use its features and items to customize their farmland to be unique to them, and Stardew Valley is no different. One thing that sets ConcernedApe’s one-hit wonder apart, though, is the number of different maps available.


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Fans have a total of seven farm layouts to choose from in Stardew Valley when they make a new file with each of them offering their own pros and cons. The most commonly used map is the Standard Farm as it offers the most space and is perfect for beginners. Once fans find their favorite profession and niche in the game, however, they can choose a layout that suits their needs better. Out of all the maps, the Riverlands farm is considered one of the hardest to master.

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On Reddit, a player under the username bebecky has managed to play up to six years in Stardew Valley and has decided to share their final Riverlands farm layout with other fans. Despite how the Riverlands map focuses on the fishing profession rather than farming, bebecky has made quite a useful farm that offers plenty of resources while also looking quite nice. It features important structures such as a Slime Hutch, a barn and a coup on their own dedicated island, and a few fish ponds to boost bebecky’s fishing options even further.

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Due to how well-organized and planned out bebecky’s farm is, many other players have come along to praise the farm in the comments. To some players, bebecky’s land usage and design ideas have served as inspiration for their own Riverlands farms, which may come in handy as it offers the least amount of usable space out of the other Stardew Valley maps. Other fans are pointing out some cheeky details, such as the well in the corner when the Riverlands map is debatably already covered in water.

Of course, no matter how inspiring bebecky’s farm is, Stardew Valley fans shouldn’t think that just because this one player made the farm work in their favor that the Riverlands is suddenly an easier layout to work with if they follow bebecky’s lead. If fans don’t enjoy fishing or benefit from other easier professions, then they may struggle with the Riverlands map more than bebecky did. The point of the many different layouts is so players can build a farm that suits them best, and it just so happened that bebecky thrived on the Riverlands.

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Stardew Valley is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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