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Steam Deck Games that won’t drain your battery – Check out our Top 5

Steam Deck Games that won’t drain your battery – Check out our Top 5

5 Steam Deck Games that won’t drain your battery

Picture this: you’ve finally got the opportunity to test your high-end handheld gaming PC in the real world. You find yourself with a few hours to kill at an airport or in a waiting room, and in your hands lies the perfect gadget to help the hours blow by.

Steam Deck Games that won’t drain your battery – Check out our Top 5Steam Deck Games that won’t drain your battery – Check out our Top 5

Several real-world reports show that most AAA games shorten playtime to the lower end of the Deck’s battery capabilities. Games heavily reliant on the GPU can even cause playtime to drop below the 120-minute mark. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern as plenty of titles will allow you to enjoy at least three hours of active play. It would seem that Valve’s battery life estimate is accurate when tested against games that are not too intensively reliant on the device’s hardware.

Here are some top titles you can enjoy for hours without draining your Steam Deck Battery too rapidly.

5 Best Steam Deck Games For Longer Battery Life

Before you fire up the most graphics-heavy title that you can think of on ultra mode, a word of caution: Valve has patently stated that playtime can last anywhere between two to eight hours on the device.
Our selection contains titles that you can play for at least 180minutes or more without running into any problems.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection Steam DeckHalo Master Chief Collection Steam Deck

Source: Steam

The Master Chief Collection is the best Halo experience on PC and Xbox, and it runs perfectly well on the Steam Deck. As these games came out in the early noughties, they run seamlessly on the high-spec Steam Deck. To get the most playtime with this collection, remember to set your graphics to Classic.

Final Fantasy X, X-2, and VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy Steam DeckFinal Fantasy Steam Deck

Source: Square Enix

If great storylines are crucial to gaming, then Final Fantasy X will draw a tear or two no matter where you play it on your Steam Deck. Final Fantasy X and X-2 are two very different, but overall great titles to enjoy on the go. Note that the game selection screen does not respond to the d-pad or analog stick – you can use the touch screen instead.

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Lone Ruin

Lone Ruin Steam DeckLone Ruin Steam Deck

Source: Steam

Lone Ruin, with its gorgeous soundtrack and color-saturated visuals, will give you close to three hours of gameplay on the Steam Deck. This game is an excellent time killer and is the sort of title that you can play over and over again without losing interest.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Steam DeckVampire Survivors Steam Deck

If you like the endless wave survival genre, Vampire Survivors is the perfect title to have on your Steam Deck at all times. The game strikes a balance between being engaging and challenging while also being super light on the device’s battery. This game gets our vote for long trips and idle time.


Signalis Steam DeckSignalis Steam Deck

Source: Humble Games

Signalis is one of the original PlayStation games that has not lost its charms over the years. Its lo-fi visuals might lead you to believe that it will give you increased battery time on the Steam Deck, but this is not the case. Turning off the reflections can help you get close to 3-4 hours of playtime of Signalis, at the compromise of lowered graphics quality.

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