Strange Elden Ring Clip Shows Mimic Blowing Off Steam

Strange Elden Ring Clip Shows Mimic Blowing Off Steam

An Elden Ring clip shows one player’s mimic blowing off some steam in a bizarre fashion. While Elden Ring is a difficult game, it gives users plenty of tools to deal with its many fearsome enemies. Gamers can summon a wide variety of Spirit Ashes to come to their aid, and they can also be upgraded at the Roundtable Hold.

These Spirit Ashes can be used to take aggro, giving players some much-needed breathing room in the heat of battle. While some are better than others, the Mimic Tear is probably one of the most popular Spirit Ashes available in Elden Ring. As the name suggests, it summons a mimic of the player, complete with their items, pieces of equipment, and move-set. Now, one Elden Ring fan found their mimic to be acting strangely, as it looks like their partner is blowing off some steam.


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A Reddit user named oldeluke has shared a short clip from Elden Ring featuring the bizarre actions of their mimic. The player appears to be resting in a cave of sorts, but their mimic is repeatedly using attacks with no enemy in sight. It looks like the mimic is blowing off some steam by practicing their move-set, as oldeluke continues to watch, presumably in disbelief. The mimic uses a variety of moves in the clip including standard attacks, and weapon skills, and even randomly decides to roll in the middle. After a while, oldeluke appears to have had enough of the mimic tear, as they choose to send the AI partner back.

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This doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident, as another fan mentions that the same event occurred in their playthrough of Elden Ring. The player believes that the mimic is attacking the Sanguine Nobles hidden in the ground, although the Reddit poster claims to have defeated all the ones in this area. A few other gamers also ran into this incident while playing the game, with one stating that it occurred on the way to the boss fight against Mohg in Elden Ring.

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Some gamers in the comments section jokingly mention that the mimic is practicing for PvP battles and the fight against Malenia in Elden Ring. One user also speculates that Elden Ring did not register the enemies as dead, which may explain the mimic’s actions in this clip. Regardless, the player oldeluke states that this happened for two minutes until they decided to send it back.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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