Street Fighter 6 Has a Truck Instead for Its Classic Car Minigame

Street Fighter 6 Has a Truck Instead for Its Classic Car Minigame

Capcom shows off some footage of Street Fighter 6 that reveals its take on the classic Car Smash arcade minigame, this time with a truck.

Capcom shows off footage of Street Fighter 6‘s arcade mode, with it focused on the classic Car Smash minigame, except this time the car is now a truck. Street Fighter 6 will release in a little less than a month, launching on several major platforms later this June. Capcom’s done a lot to show off the game, giving fans a lot of looks at the gameplay, in both the competitive multiplayer and single-player aspects. Asides from the local and online competitive matches players can take part in, the offline crowd can engage in an ambitious story mode with a custom character, or a more traditional arcade ladder.


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The arcade mode is included in Street Fighter 6‘s latest demo, alongside a training mode, offline versus, and special matches, albeit with a limited roster that consists of only Ryu and Luke. While some fans wished the demo was geared to be a more competitive experience like the open betas, this demo gives a small window into what to expect for the single-player mode. For those who haven’t played it yet, Capcom has revealed a twist on a classic minigame that can be found in the Arcade mode: Car Smash.

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These bonus stages are an iconic aspect of Street Fighter, where after a certain amount of fights, players are tasked with accomplishing a certain task to get extra points. In the case of Street Fighter 2, the most memorable of these bonus stages is for players to use their character to destroy a car, much like in Final Fight. This minigame will be making its return in Street Fighter 6, though instead of destroying a car, fans will need to break apart a big rig truck.

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This was briefly demonstrated with a video from Street Fighter 6‘s Twitter account, which showed Cammy using her trademark offense to destroy the truck, with her only having a limited amount of time to do so. Another one of these bonus stages was also shown off, this time based on a minigame from Street Fighter 3, where a player needs to parry basketballs, though instead of Sean throwing them at the player, it’s a different NPC. According to the tweet, the high scores fans can get from these minigames can be uploaded to an online leaderboard.

Street Fighter 6 may look like the underdog of June 2023, though Capcom has done a lot to promote the game in the lead-up to its release next month. This includes a comic book miniseries that will begin publication on May 6, as a part of Free Comic Book Day, with subsequent issues being published on a weekly basis afterward. The first issue can also be read online, which features Ken Masters and Luke Sullivan.

Street Fighter 6 releases June 2 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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