Street Fighter 6 Players Still Accessing the Closed Beta May Be Punished

Street Fighter 6 Players Still Accessing the Closed Beta May Be Punished

A statement issued by Capcom states that Street Fighter 6 players who are still accessing the game’s closed beta may end up being punished.

Capcom issues a statement that warns players that those who are still currently accessing Street Fighter 6‘s Closed Beta Test in unauthorized ways will be punished accordingly. There is a little over a month before Street Fighter 6 comes out later this June, with Capcom having done a lot to promote the game. This includes an extensive 40-minute showcase of the game, along with releasing a brand-new demo of Street Fighter 6 last week. While the demo itself contains the brand-new single-player World Tour mode, there’s also local multiplayer, though the roster has been stripped down with Ryu and Luke being the only playable characters. Thus, some fans might want to experiment with the game’s more competitive aspects, which is what the previous Closed Beta Tests (CBT) provided.


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Last year, Capcom held two Closed Beta Tests for Street Fighter 6, taking place in October and December. The second closed beta test included a large variety of characters to play as, including Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri. There were also a number of modes included Ranked, Casual, and more that could be accessed online. It turns out that there’s been some unauthorized access to the CBT long after the test period has concluded, which has been noticed by Capcom.

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An official post on Capcom’s Twitter account states that it has noticed that some players have been accessing the Street Fighter 6 CBT application and have been playing it outside the designated period. It further clarifies that this is a violation of the CBT’s Terms of Service and can be seen as a violation of the Capcom Pro Tour code of conduct. As such, there will be punishments handed out for players who have accessed the CBT in this way.

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More specifically, players who have been shown with “clear evidence” to have been accessing the CBT using unauthorized methods will be deemed ineligible to participate in the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League seasons. This includes the developer’s upcoming 2023 Capcom Pro Tour that comes with a $2 million prize pool to boot.

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According to the rules in the overview for Street Fighter 6‘s CBT it is “it is prohibited to mod or analyze the software used in the Closed Beta Test.” As such, there was likely a modded or cracked version of the game’s CBT that was distributed, which some players had access to. While it isn’t known how many players have been accessing these versions, Capcom’s enforcement of this rule will be in effect starting now, meaning that these punishments will be applied to players who have been accessing it post-statement.

Street Fighter 6 releases June 2 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with an Arcade version also in development.

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