System Shock Remake Gets Dragged On Twitter For Using AI Art, Doubles Down

System Shock Remake Gets Dragged On Twitter For Using AI Art, Doubles Down

The use of AI art in video games has steadily become a very controversial topic, though the majority of people out there familiar with the industry are against it. Not only does it have the potential to take jobs away from low paid artists, but the practice is regularly accused of stealing, as the images that AI produce are based on existing works of art. At it’s very worst, it could be considering outright plagiarism.

That’s why when the official System Shock Remake Twitter account posted a tweet showing off a piece of AI art depicting its interpretation of main antagonist Shodan, the response was overwhelmingly negative. There are hundreds of replies and quote tweets of fans voicing their displeasure, many of which either claim that they’re no longer interested in buying the game when it launches, or calling on developer Nightdive Studios to start hiring real artists. Definitely not the response Nightdive was hoping for.


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Now, after tweeting out something that was so overwhelmingly despised, you’d assume that Nightdive would backtrack and assure fans that it wouldn’t use AI art in the future. You’d be assuming wrong though, as not only has Nightdive tried to defend its use of AI art, but has also explained that it will be using more AI artwork in the future (thanks PCGamer). It’s even threatened to “use AI in other areas too”, but claims AI will never be used “at the expense of using skilled people or their creative talents”. The fan response is just as bad as you’d expect.

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“Starting to seriously regret my pre-order” says Twitter user Foxhead, echoing the sentiment of hundreds of other fans in the tweet’s replies, still desperately trying to drive it home to Nightdive that they don’t want it using AI art. Many are also pointing out the irony of a game like System Shock (a title which centers around an evil AI) using AI in development and to try and promote itself. It’s just not a great look for a game that’s crowdfunded and has already had a rough time in development.

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We’ll have to wait and see whether System Shock’s second dragging in the space of a few days is enough for Nightdive to see the error of its ways, but the game’s release date is approaching fast, and a whole lot of damage has already been done.

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