The Sims 4: 15 Tips To Pursuing A Career In Singing

The Sims 4: 15 Tips To Pursuing A Career In Singing

You’ve got your work cut out for you in showbiz, kid, but if you want to make it as a Singer in The Sims 4, we’ve got some pointers to help you.

The freedom to explore life is presented to players nowhere more clearly than in The Sims 4, and the singer career in The Sims 4 is a star-studded dream of many. Sure, it may be harder in real life, but The Sims 4 singing career is as easy as freelancing your way to super-stardom.

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While there’s no formal singing career in The Sims 4, you can easily make money as a singer and bring in big bucks doing it. For help with how to become a famous singer in The Sims 4, follow along with the tips in our list.

Updated on May 8, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With The Sims 4 just as popular as it’s ever been, and with new fans approaching new expansions in whichever order they see fit, we wanted to come back to our guide to the Sims 4 singer career to be sure our tips are in-line with the new packs that have launched since we last updated our list. Break a leg, kid!

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10 A Star Is Born

a female sim in the create a sim cas menu, showing traits that will help her with her sims 4 singing career-1

When creating your Sim in the Create-a-Sim menu, or choosing traits for your precious newborns, you might already have your Singing career in mind. There are plenty of great traits to choose from that can help you along the way, like Creative for inspiration, Self-Assured for when the rejections happen, or Music Lover to get the most of your musical exposure.

Avoid making a Perfectionist Sim if possible, since Perfectionists take longer to finish creative endeavors. Songwriting already takes a while, once you can begin to do at level eight of the Singing skill, so don’t make it harder on yourself.

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9 Start Them Early

a sim and a toddler playing with the play tent in the sims 4 for the singer career

If you’ve got a youngster whose Singing potential you can just feel from the start, get them started on their Imagination skill as soon as possible. There’s even a Creative aspiration for Toddler Sims and then again for Child Sims that walk you through the process of becoming a real childhood prodigy.

Have your Toddlers spend time drawing, reading books, and making up all kinds of wild ideas with their stuffed animals and friends. Additionally, if they have the Silly trait, they pick up Imagination skills faster.

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8 Train Classically In College

a sim enrolling for university looking at the different university options for the sims 4 singer career tips to advance getting a fine art degree

One of several new additions made when Discovery University landed in 2019, Sims who attended one of Britechester’s two prestigious universities would begin their post-grad career several levels of their High School grad peers. For Entertainers, it’s level six for the regular degree, and level seven for the distinguished variant.

The University of Britechester offers both regular and distinguished versions of the Fine Art Degree, and you might even get a scholarship beginning at level three of the Singing, Piano, Guitar, or several other musical skills. The scholarships only increase in value the higher your skills are, so get to work before you apply.

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7 Learn Instruments, And Learn Them Well

a sim outdoors with a guitar speaking to another sim in the sims 4 singing career-1

Accompanying yourself whilst singing doesn’t seem like a helpful tip for how to become a famous singer in The Sims 4, but a Sim that learns to play instruments can later become their own backup band. Beginning at level three of either the piano or guitar skills, your Sims can play along with their very own songs.

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Practice as often as possible to raise these skills quickly for bonuses that much sooner. And if you just can’t wait to be a musical prodigy, there are always cheats to boost you a little faster.

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6 Sing Everywhere, Especially In The Shower

a sim taking a shower in the sims 4 with the option to sing in the shower to further the singing career the sims 4 ts4-1

Other than maybe in your car (which isn’t an option in The Sims 4, but maybe someday), is there anywhere better to practice singing than in the shower? No matter your skill level, you can click the shower while your Sim is in it and instruct them to sing.

This is a great way to gain the first level of the Singing skill in The Sims 4, since you’re not able to use the microphone to do it until you’ve reached level one. We’ve all got to start somewhere, right, shower superstar?

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5 Become A Karaoke Legend

two sims singing a karaoke duet to work on their singing skill for the sims 4 singer career singing career-1

When the whole point of an activity is to sing, it’s no wonder said activity will help you learn to sing better in The Sims 4. With the City Living expansion pack, we got access to karaoke machines (amon many other fun additions), which you can find dotted around karaoke bars in the vibrant nightlife city of San Myshuno.

Adults and children alike can participate, and it makes for a pretty fun night out with friends and family, too. If you’re a little more well-off, you can even go so far as to purchase a karaoke machine from Buy Mode to put in your house, able to practice belting it out from the comforts of your home lot.

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4 Get Inspired To Be Something Great

a sim singing at a bar to raise your singing skill in the sims 4 singer career-1

Skills always come more naturally when you’re eager to work on them, and with the Inspired mood in The Sims 4, creativity comes easier than ever. Sims with creative aspirations will often naturally become Inspired throughout the day, and musical Sims are certainly no exception.

If your Sim is struggling to find their muse naturally, though, you can make them inspired by having them drink Yerba Mate tea from the Tea Magic Personal Brewer (which is available if you have Jungle Adventure installed), by having them view inspired artwork, or even just by having the right lighting in the room.

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3 Write The Next Chart-Topper…

a sim playing an acoustic guitar, writing a song for her sims 4 singing career how to write a song

​​​​​​Once you reach level eight of the Singing skill, you’ll finally be able to hop from covers to crooning once you begin writing songs of your own. To do this, you’ll need a microphone – unless you’ve chosen to head down the instrumental route as well, and interacting with your guitar or piano will do the trick as well.

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Not only can you write your own songs, but you can also perform them for others as well. Whenever you choose to sing, you’ll have the option to sing a specific song. Choose your own to flex your pipes and your prose prowess.

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2 … And License Songs For Cash

a sim sending something in the mail to license a song for her sims 4 singing career how to license a song

But you can’t be a chart-topper without actually getting onto the charts, can you? With enough practice with writing your own songs at level eight of the Singing skill in The Sims 4, you’ll be ready to begin licensing them.

You can do so from your mailbox, then sit back and watch the royalties roll in for an entire in-game week afterward. You won’t earn royalties after that week, though, so keep writing songs and licensing them to keep the money coming.

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1 Be Persistent – Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

a celebrity sim posing at a fan meet and greet as part of the sims 4 singer career how to be a successful singer

While it may be a slow burn of a process to finally become the superstar singer you’re shooting to be, remember that The Sims 4 is meant to mimic real life in a way – it’s not often you can show up to Hollywood and immediately land a lucrative record deal.

Making your passion for Singing into a career will take some time, and you’ll likely need a way to support yourself in the meantime. Just don’t forget those little people when you become a big Del Sol Valley it-kid!

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