These Are The Top Six Pokemon Fans Think Deserve Evolutions

These Are The Top Six Pokemon Fans Think Deserve Evolutions

There are now over 1,000 Pokemon in the world today, and yet, not all of them evolve. According to Bulbapedia, there are still hundreds of Pokemon that are born out of their eggs as fully-formed adults, which is more than a little weird when you think about it. And it probably explains why fans were eager to take part in a community poll asking which Pokemon deserve to have some sort of evolutionary form.

Reddit user HijinksHandbook posted the poll three weeks ago to the Pokemon subreddit asking which Pokemon deserve evolutions. Fans could vote as many times as they wanted, but could only vote once for each individual Pokemon.

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Despite Hawlucha, Stunfisk, and Delibird all being on the list, none of them managed to make it into the top six. After 4,000 votes, the top six Pokemon which fans thought deserved an evolution were:


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  • Shuckle, the Mold Pokemon
  • Tropius, the Fruit Pokemon
  • Sableye, the Darkness Pokemon
  • Seviper, the Fang Snake Pokemon
  • Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokemon
  • Torkoal, the Coal Pokemon (and illegal in most restaurants)

HijinksHandbook didn’t stop at merely identifying the most evolution-deserving Pokemon, though. They also created their own evolutions too! Shuckle evolves into Barnuckle, which is obviously a Fighting-type evolution. Tropius gains a pre-evolution called Palmtain that’s basically just a dinosaur banana. Sableye’s gems seem to take over its body as it evolves into Quartesque, while Seviper’s evolution, Chiefiper, implies victory over its natural predator. Zangorged, the evolution of Zangoose, implies the opposite, but not without losing a leg in battle. And Torkoal’s evolution, Locomortise, seems like the logical conclusion of a Pokemon themed after coal.

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Fans were mostly pleased with these fan-made evolutions, although some were hoping that Zangorged might’ve been more like Chiefiper and worn the skins of Seviper as trophies. Another fan noted, “The last thing the stall-filled meta needs is Eviolite Shuckle,” and it’s hard to argue with that. This could very well be the reason why Game Freak hasn’t given these Pokemon evolutions.

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Evolution will likely remain the core gimmick of Pokemon, but it certainly hasn’t stopped there. Z Moves, Terastallization, and Gigantamax have all shown Pokemon have the willingness to try new things, but one thing they haven’t tried yet is Fusion. For that, we’d have to turn to Pokemon Infinite Fusion for a taste of what to expect. This fan-made game lets you take any two Pokemon and fuse them together, creating an entirely new (and sometimes terrifying) Pokemon which combines the moves, types, and abilities of the chosen ‘Mons. It’s fresh and exciting in a way that only fan-made Pokemon games can be, and I totally recommend giving it a try.

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