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Top CS:GO Major Kills of All Time | Relive The Legends

Top CS:GO Major Kills of All Time | Relive The Legends

Competitive CS:GO is defined by the big moments, the plays that we’ll remember forever.

On the big stage of CS:GO Majors, players want to deliver crazy plays to cement their own legacy. That’s why we’re looking back at years gone by to remember the best CS:GO Major kills of all time!

5. rain’s Cache Ace

Some would argue that many of the best CS:GO Major kills can be attributed to dumb luck. Not this one – rain’s ace against G2 at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 is down to pure mechanical skill and remarkable game sense. Even his movement totally bamboozles G2.

What makes the clip great is the players that rain faces. To name a few, he hits some incredible CS:GO headshots on players like NBK-, apEX, and kennyS, all legends in their own right. These were top professionals at their peak, and rain made them look like Silvers.

It was a peek into the player he would become, eventually joining the list of CS:GO Major winners as one of the most decorated competitors ever.

4. Fnatic’s 4-AWP Peek

On Dust 2, players usually meet another AWP mid for a battle at the start of each round. When Fnatic faced EnVyUs at ESL One Cologne 2015, apEX got quite the shock when he peeked mid to be faced with a firing squad of four AWPs staring him down. It was a free kill in a round defined by tight margins.

This play was made in overtime of a Grand Final. With $250,000 on the line, Fnatic braving this was huge, and it paid off massively. So huge in fact, that Valve added a graffiti spray celebrating Fnatic into Dust 2 at the scene of the crime.

Nothing of the sort has been attempted at CS:GO Majors since. You can’t replicate that kind of greatness.

Top CS:GO Major Kills of All Time | Relive The LegendsTop CS:GO Major Kills of All Time | Relive The Legends

Credit: PC Gamer

3. The Olofboost

The use of the Olofboost on Overpass resulted in the most controversial CS:GO Major kills ever. Using an Overpass 3-man boost, olofmeister was able to lead Fnatic to a legendary comeback from 13-3 down.

The boost is simple, giving CT players a view of both sides of Connector. It provides all the information a team could need. Every round, olofmeister begins firing down to Connector, hitting CS:GO headshots galore onto a baffled LDLC. The opponents wouldn’t figure out what was happening until round 29, but it was far too late.

Due to how CS:GO Majors work, there’s a huge element of sportsmanship. Post-match, Fnatic withdrew from the Major due to using the boost, and it hasn’t been seen since. It remains a remarkable moment, it’s legacy a sign on Overpass.

CS:GO Major killsCS:GO Major kills

“Stepping over the railing is forbidden!” Credit: Liquipedia

2. s1mple’s Heaven Drop

The Cache Heaven drop from s1mple – unarguably one of the greatest CS:GO Major kills ever at ESL One Cologne 2016.

Everything here is perfect. The first mid-air kill shows incredible situational awareness, and the second no-scope is beyond audacious. We don’t actually get to see that the second kill is a no-scope until the replays, and neither do the commentators or crowd. Hearing the crowd pop as it plays back is CS:GO perfection, with commentators James Bardloph and ddk also rising to the occasion.

Back then, s1mple wasn’t regarded as the greatest CS:GO player of all time. He was a young gun with a point to prove, and what a way to do it.

s1mple’s Cache graffiti. Credit: Liquipedia

1. coldzera’s Jumping AWP

The man for the big occasion at CS:GO Majors – step up coldzera. Picture the scene – it’s the MLG Major Colombus 2016 Semi-Finals, with Liquid 15-9 up and about to close map 1. Luminosity are ill-equipped for a B-hold, with only coldzera holding one of the best guns in CS:GO to defend.

Liquid push fast, and coldzera gets one before retreating from Apartments. Here, a normal player would find a new angle to hold while their teammates rotate. But coldzera is no normal player. Betraying all rhyme and reason, he positions himself at the bottom of Apartments. As they push, he jumps, hitting a ridiculous collateral into the back of Apartments onto EliGE and s1mple. Then, coldzera gets a fourth falling out of the apartment, winning Luminosity a round they had no right over. He could try that situation 100 times over, and he’d never manage that again.

The stakes couldn’t have been higher, and coldzera delivered. Luminosity mounted a comeback, winning the match 15-19, and the series 2-0. They then beat NAVI in the Grand Final, so there’s a very real chance this coldzera moment decided the fate of the entire Major.

CS:GO Major killsCS:GO Major kills

Credit: Steam Community


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