Twitch Streamer Finds Out Hilarious Secret About the Site’s Staff

Twitch Streamer Finds Out Hilarious Secret About the Site’s Staff

An Australian Twitch streamer makes a hilarious discovery following a friendly interaction with one of the site’s staff members in their chat.

During a recent stream, an Australian Twitch partner was interacting with a member of the site’s staff when they discovered a hilarious secret about them and realized the limitations they had as a streamer on the Amazon-owned service. The comedic moment was then clipped by other Twitch viewers as both the streamer and staff member in question had a lighthearted laugh about the matter.

Recently, some of the most talked about moments on Twitch have been anything but pleasant. Between a streamer’s home getting shot at by a drive-by shooter, and some of the top streamers receiving temporary bans for various rule violations, the streaming giant has seen no shortage of negative headlines lately. However, between the unpleasant moments that dot the landscape of Twitch, there are moments that can turn a friendly conversation into a hilarious and viral clip.


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On April 28, an Australian Twitch partner named Sebbywebz was streaming Final Fantasy 14 and chatting with a Twitch staff member by the username of Yena, who was visiting his channel at the time. In a moment of curiosity that was encouraged by his chat, Sebbywebz spontaneously tried to ban Yena from his channel just to see if he could. As it turned out, Twitch partners do not have the power to ban Twitch staff. Instead of seeing Yena added to his banned user list, Sebbywebz was presented with a prompt on his side to email Twitch’s support line about any abusive staff inquiries. Sebbywebz burst into laughter, as he exclaimed that he “went there” with his attempted ban of Yena. The Twitch staff member joined the rest of Sebbywebz’s chat in laughing at such a discovery.

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Earlier this year, Twitch laid off over 400 employees, which led to safety concerns from ex-staff. Some of the concerns raised alarms over leaving streamers and moderators without as much support from staff dedicated to such a task. Needless to say, Sebbywebz and his moderators had no serious intentions about permanently removing the Twitch staff member from his channel. Sebbywebz instead made a clip of the laugh-inducing moment, which had over 40,000 views at the time of writing.

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While Twitch has dealt with banning some of the site’s top streamers such as KiaraaKitty and Kai Cenat over the last few months, moments like the interaction between Sebbywebbz and Yena are hard to come by. However, as Twitch makes changes to improve the user experience, only time will tell what lies ahead for the streaming service.

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