Twitch streamer takes coffee break during Stormtrooper fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Dexerto

Twitch streamer takes coffee break during Stormtrooper fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Dexerto

A Twitch streamer playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor took a coffee break mid-fight to show how bad Stormtroopers’ aim is.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is finally out and fans were incredibly eager to jump back into the world of Star Wars with protagonist Cal Kestis.

While the PC released has some notable issues, reviews for Jedi: Survivor are strong, with many reviewers praising the game’s world, story, and combat. Additionally, the game stays true to the Star Wars franchise, and includes a variety of callbacks to the original series.

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Apparently, one of those callbacks includes the Stormtrooper’s notoriously bad aim, as one Twitch streamer was able to take a coffee break during a gameplay sequence and escaped completely unscathed.

Twitch streamer takes break during Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fight

The clip in question comes from Twitch streamer Stormfall33, who played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in front of her audience. At the very start of the game, protagonist Cal Kestis has to escape custody of the Coruscant Security Force.

During the escape sequence, Kestis has to climb along a broken space station platform to get away while being pursued by Stormtroopers. During the sequence, the Twitch streamer was casually talking to her audience when she stumbled upon the Stormtroopers shooting at her.

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“Oh noooo,” Stormfall said before stopping along the pole to let the Stormtroopers fire at her. The content creator quickly noticed that the Stormtroopers were not going to hit her during the escape sequence as she watched Blaster Rifle bullets fly past her in all directions.

Stormfall then took her headset off and claimed she was “getting some coffee” before setting the controller down and exiting her stream set up altogether. Sure enough two and a half minutes later, the streamer came back with a glass of coffee, all while having taken absolutely no damage in the time she was away.

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While Cal Kestis hung from the railing, the Twitch chat began lampooning the sequence by spamming a message that read, “He’s too fast. Can’t see him. We need reinforcements. Where did he go. Gah, d*amn, he’s getting away.”

Plenty of modern video games have segments where players are in tense, frantic situations that they can’t actually die in. However, seeing one of these segments exploited in real time is pretty hilarious.

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