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Valve needs to bring back Last Chance Qualifiers for The International

Valve needs to bring back Last Chance Qualifiers for The International

Valve, bring back Last Chance Qualifiers for TI12 please!

Valve’s recent announcement/teaser for the International 12 (TI12) was all the hype Dota 2 fans needed. With the Berlin Major 2023 concluded, TI12 is the next big thing right after the Bali Major 2023.

However, what’s missing from the official announcement is the Last Chance Qualifiers for TI12, and fans are not having it.

Valve needs to bring back Last Chance Qualifiers for The InternationalValve needs to bring back Last Chance Qualifiers for The International

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TI12 Last Chance Qualifier Denied

The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) was introduced during TI11 last year, likely to accommodate for the absence of the first Major. Although that was the primary objective of LCQ at TI11, it also created an entirely new playing field for ‘last chance’ contestants.

For the uninitiated, the first and second runner-up of every TI11 regional qualifier earns a slot in LCQ, which is essentially one last chance to qualify for TI11. While these teams may have lost in their regional qualifier, they are second only to the winners. Hence, from a performance perspective, they are reliably at the top of their regional scoreboards.

Making teams compete in a Major-grade event is one way to identify the two most deserving teams to play at TI11. And, evidently, the TI11 LCQ winners, Team Secret and Team Liquid went on to secure top-three at TI11.

Gatekeepers in DPC 2023

The DPC point distribution in Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) is heavily in favor of the top seeds of regional Division 1. Not only would the top-three or two advance to the Major for yet another DPC points galore. Furthermore, it widens the points gap of decent teams (typically third or fourth-place winners) to have any luck qualifying via DPC Rankings Leaderboard.

Forcing them to all compete for a single regional slot that the TI12 Regional Qualifier offers. Whereas gatekeepers, like LGD and TeamSoloMid that dominate their respective regions due to lack of competition, get easy TI12 invites.

Moreover, it’s a three-month hiatus between the Bali Major and TI12, which is already a quarter of 2023. Sure, Battle Pass 2023 and its exclusive goodies could pass some time, but surely insufficient to last till TI12.

TI12 needs LCQ at all costs!

LCQ’s may have the word qualifier in the name, but it is a adrenaline-filled Dota 2 action with Major level teams. When twelve world-class teams compete for the last two TI slots, every team puts out their best strategies to outwit opponents without holding back.

Thus, we get a mini-TI12 with full-fledged group stage and playoffs format, just days before the real deal. Of course, perhaps the most logical excuse to not host LCQ from Valve’s perspective is cost. During TI11 LCQ, Valve flew all twelve teams to Singapore, where TI11 was, and covered accommodation and other miscellaneous bills.

There is approximately a Major’s worth of cost that went into hosting LCQ. Additionally, TI12 is in Seattle, USA, which is problematic for most foreign players to secure US visa before TI12.

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