VTuber Nyanners Reveals Why She Left VShojo

VTuber Nyanners Reveals Why She Left VShojo

Twitch streamer and Vtuber Nyanners explains why she decided to leave VShojo, the Vtuber agency she was part of since 2020.

Twitch streamer and Vtuber Nyanners revealed why she left her previous agency VShojo. The Vtuber company made headlines recently after three of its talents didn’t renew their contracts.

With millions of Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers, Nyatasha Nyanners, or Nyanners for short, is one of the most well-known Vtubers because of her cute cat-like avatar, entertaining streams, and bubbly personality. She signed with US-based talent agency VShojo in 2020, joining other popular Vtubers, such as Ironmouse and Silvervale. Following this move, she gained a massive following from the Vtuber community.


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In April, VShojo announced that Nyanners, Silvervale, and Veibae had left the company, and have all decided to become independent creators. While they didn’t go into much detail about their departure, Nyanners offered a bit of insight on her decision to leave the company during a recent Twitch stream, which she later uploaded to her YouTube channel. The Vtuber didn’t reveal much, but said that she left because of “a number of things,” with content being a factor, and that she was heavily considering parting ways with VShojo for some time. She also emphasized that it wasn’t influenced by Silvervale and Veibae’s departures. Nyanners added that it just made more sense for her to be an independent creator instead of being in a group or a unit.

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In the YouTube comments, many of her fans supported her decision, and praised her for being respectful and professional. They also seemed happy that she decided to go back as an independent creator, noting that it might be good for her overall growth. Meanwhile, others acknowledged that Nyanners had issues in the past, but speculated that the culture of Vtuber agencies might have pushed her and other talents to leave.

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Nyanners’ departure from VShojo may be sad for many, but there are also fans who seemed excited about her future projects. In fact, the Vtuber is in Like a Dragon: Ishin! as a guest Trooper Card. Considering how popular Vtubers are, especially on Twitch where Ironmouse become the most subscribed female streamer, Nyanners will likely still have a flourishing career ahead of her as an independent talent.

The VShojo departures certainly shocked many followers of its talents, so it’s understandable if there will be posts expressing their concern for their favorite talents. Even VShojo’s Kson admitted one time that she would jump to another organization if she was offered a better contract. There’s no telling how this will shake up the Vtuber landscape, but fans might expect other high-profile departures in the future.

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