Wednesday Star Talks Season One Villain’s True Allegiance

Wednesday Star Talks Season One Villain’s True Allegiance

Wednesday showcases many creatures and monsters existing alongside the Addams family. One of these creatures, the Hyde, is a particularly sneaky one. He poses as Wednesday’s (Jenna Ortega) friend but has only the intention of harming her. At least, that’s what viewers were led to believe. According to Hunter Doohan, the character might not be as irredeemable as once believed.

Netflix’s Wednesday features plenty of monsters from commonly known folklore. The Hyde, on the other hand, is unique. In Wednesday, the Hyde is analogous to the creature in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The creature is an inherent part of a person, like a werewolf. However, unlike a werewolf, the Hyde can find themselves unable to control their urges, and, should someone induce a Hyde transformation, they will fall under the thrall of a new master. It’s eventually revealed that Tyler (Doohan) is the Hyde, having inherited the condition from his mother, and further revealed that Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci) awoke him to gain mastery over the beast.


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Doohan provided further context for Tyler’s motivations in an interview with Wonderland. “To me, I wanted people to feel like Tyler was possessed by the Hyde,” Doohan said. “He just reaches a point where the Hyde has mostly taken over and he is deeply under the spell of Laurel Gates, so he lets down the mask of being the nice guy. But when you take all of that away, Tyler is deeply troubled and angry — that’s why he’s so easy to manipulate. I wouldn’t say he’s evil, he just carries so much hurt about his mum dying. Once he figures out that she was a Hyde and he can blame Nevermore and Wednesday for her death, it just becomes a lot easier for him to make that switch.”

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Unfortunately, the Wednesday season 1 finale doesn’t address whether Tyler felt some form of remorse after Thornhill is taken into custody. She presumably no longer holds sway over his mind or, at the very least, is unable to command him. Wednesday seems to hold him responsible for his actions, and Tyler still seems to hold some form of acrimony against Wednesday.

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With this new interview, it looks like Tyler’s hatred of Nevermore Academy was simply an easy thing to latch onto. With Laurel in charge, he likely could not have resisted her commands anyway, but Doohan’s words suggest a more complex characterization. Tyler can be both a victim and a perpetrator. He suffers due to hatred of outsiders, but also seems to turn that anger towards innocents, rather than deal with his feelings.

Emma Myers, when talking about Wednesday and Enid’s relationship, mentioned that she would like to see a season where Wednesday stays single. This probably makes the most sense for her character. Tyler was Wednesday’s first kiss, and if he finds some redemption and peace next season, she still won’t want anything to do with him. It looks like there are more intriguing directions to take the characters.

Wednesday season 1 is available on Netflix.

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Source: Hunter Doohan/Instagram

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