xQc Retakes Minecraft Speedrunning Record From Forsen

xQc Retakes Minecraft Speedrunning Record From Forsen

It is a tale as old as time, that of rivalry and competition, between two foes duking it out for supremacy. But this particular tale is taking place in a very modern setting, in a very modern way, as two streamers continue to write new chapters in their ongoing rivalry. As Forsen set a blistering time in a Minecraft speedrun back in March, regaining the crown from his arch rival xQc, so now once again the tables have turned with xQc on top.

And the Twitch streamer is very, very pleased with the result. Back in March, Forsen completed Minecraft in a time counting just over 18 minutes, a staggering achievement considering how much time the streamer managed to shave off. But now xQc has retaken the top spot with an impressive run that smashes Forsen’s already eye-widening time. On the Twitch star’s May 6 broadcast (via Dexerto), xQc managed to defeat the Ender Dragon in a time of 16 minutes and 38 seconds.

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It was a gruelling process with xQc playing Minecraft for around eight hours before setting the new record. And what an impressive one it is, smashing the previous one set by Forsen by whole minutes. “Boom, yes!” xQc shouted, repeatedly, as he took the record. “Boom, 16:38. Oh my god.”

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Forsen and xQc’s rivalry has been ongoing, stretching all the way back to late 2020, and it was only in early January of this year when xQc set a new record, completing Minecraft in a time of 20:05.651. This was about 32 seconds quicker than Forsen’s previous record. Forsen then practiced for weeks before finally regaining the Minecraft speedrun record in a time of just over 18 minutes.

Forsen was bearish after setting that record, taking to Twitter to taunt xQc and saying his rival had been “permanently destroyed”. It is fair to say Forsen felt bullish about the record he had set as he also suggested xQc look for a different occupation as a time of 20:05 would be an embarassment on the platform.

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It’s fair to say that the ball is now in the other court, or the boot is on the other foot, or whatever proverbial phrase best suits, as it’s now the time for xQc to wallow in his dominance. “IT’S JOEVER. DON’T EVEN BOTHER TRYING. 16:38”, he tweeted at Forsen. The streamer has yet to reply. But it is likely that this won’t be the last we’ll hear of this ongoing saga, a story of rivalry and endless one-upmanship.

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