YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant, Told Off By Convention Staff

YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant, Told Off By Convention Staff

An Australian YouTuber with less than a thousand subscribers has been banned from DreamHack events after spraying convention goers and staff with deodorant.

Boggles, a YouTuber with 949 subscribers, recently attended DreamHack Melbourne over the April 28 weekend. Most of his recorded antics at DreamHack were relatively harmless–just the usual YouTuber chicanery attempting to be as attention-grabbing as possible. However, at one point, Boggles starts walking around the convention floor spraying two cans of deodorant into the air.

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We’re deliberately not shown the brand of deodorant used, but most aerosolized deodorants are full of butane, isobutane, and alcohol–three things that you really don’t want to be inhaling. One congoer said “I’m already getting a headache” after just a few minutes exposure, while others complained of Boggles “gassing everyone.”


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At one point, Boggles was told “no more” spraying deodorant by DreamHack staff. “I was just told to stop, but they walked away,” Boggles said soon after the encounter. It seemed to imply that he would continue spraying deodorant, but the rest of his YouTube video is just him playing archery tag.

While Boggles wasn’t escorted from the convention center, it appears that his recorded antics eventually landed him in hot water with DreamHack organizers.

“We love it when our community creates content at our events, but that content should uplift the gaming community, not denigrate it, and it should never risk anyone’s safety,” wrote ESL Australia in a statement. “Some of you may have recently seen creator content that does not abide by these simple guidelines.

“Individuals who create content at the expense of others, and who potentially risk the safety of others in the course of doing so, will most likely find themselves unwelcome at future events we hold. In this instance, action has been taken.”

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That action was to permanently ban Boggles from all future DreamHack events. Boggles responded to the ban with an apology video, although he didn’t seem particularly remorseful.

“As of May 7, I have been banned from all future DreamHack events,” he said. “I’d like to apologize, say that I should have used roll-on deodorant.”

In other streaming news, xQc’s longstanding feud with Forsen over the Minecraft speedrunning is heating up after xQc posted a new record of 16 minutes and 38 seconds. Once again, the ball is back in Forsen’s court to beat xQc’s record, although xQc seems fairly confident that he’ll be retaining the Minecraft speedrunning crown for the foreseeable future.

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