Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1: Release date, banners, new boss, more – Dexerto

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1: Release date, banners, new boss, more – Dexerto

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 may still be a ways out, but there’s already plenty to know about the next big content drop. From its release date to new banners, characters, and more, we’ve got you covered with the full rundown.

Honkai Star Rail has just come out and to massive success. MiHoyo’s newest gacha offering, and the successor to the ever-popular Genshin Impact, sees them dabbling with whole new gameplay mechanics, surprisingly complex stories, and new characters. 

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And with its new release, starting at Version 1.0, fans are already raring to see what MiHoyo will bring in its first major update. With leaks teasing the arrival of new characters and banners, there’s plenty to look forward to. So here is all you need to know about the upcoming Version 1.1 update in Honkai Star Rail.


  • Version 1.1 Release Date
  • Banner Schedule
  • New Boss
  • New chat feature

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1: Release date

The release date of Version 1.1 is expected to be around June 7. However, this date is not official from MiHoyo just yet, so do take it with a grain of salt.

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Rather, this date is based on the current banner durations, which get rotated every 20 days. And when the next banner is released, which is Jing Yuan’s appearance, it should be the last banner before the release of Version 1.1.

But we will be sure to update you here once MiHoyo officially announces the next release date. 

Just like Version 1.0, there will be two phases to the banners. Much of the banners scheduled for Honkai’s very first major update have been confirmed, with their skill sets also locked in.

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However, there is still one recruit, Yukong, which has been leaked and not confirmed just yet. Though it seems likely she will be making an appearance in Phase Two.

Here are all the leaked banners for Version 1.1:

Phase One: Loucha

  • Rarity: Five-star
  • Element: Imaginary 
  • Path: The Abundance

Phase Two: Silver Wolf

  • Rarity: Five-star
  • Element: Quantum 
  • Path: The Nihility 

Phase Two: YuKong (unconfirmed)

  • Rarity: Four-star
  • Element: Imaginary 
  • Path: The Harmony

These three are not the only three new characters to be announced, however. Since it is a gacha game, there will be a whole host of lower-star cast members added. But beyond those listed above, we’re yet to hear who else might be joining the massive lineup.

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Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1: New Boss

Leaks have seemingly revealed what new bosses and enemies we might expect in future updates, however, none so far have had any properly concrete details. 

The first leaked boss is speculated to be a new weekly boss. Codenamed “Huan Long” it seems based on her design she will be able to cycle between elements. With three separate models seeing her in the colors of Wind, Lighting or Quantum, and Imaginary. 

However, because it is just a leak for now, there is no confirmation if she will make an appearance in Version 1.1, or even in later updates. But we will be sure to keep you posted here when we get closer to the update. 

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Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1: Leaked chat feature

An important feature in multiplayer games, which many players have likely already noticed upon trying out Honkai, is the lack of a chat function to talk with other Trailblazers. 

However, if leaks are to be believed, Version 1.1 will be implementing a chat feature with its release. 

According to Genshin leaker Team China, they claimed that Version 1.1 will bring a new chat feature. However, they are unsure if it will be global, just between friends, or both.

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So that there is all the available information on what Version 1.1 will bring to Honkai Star Rail. If there are any further updates, we will be sure to keep you in the loop right here. 


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