Jedi: Survivor Players Are Debating Star Wars Toilet Canon

Jedi: Survivor Players Are Debating Star Wars Toilet Canon

Star Wars games open up its universe in a way movies and TV shows rarely do, especially when they’re (sort of) open world like Jedi: Survivor. The sequel’s various planets are filled with all sorts of characters and items waiting to be discovered, and there’s even a toilet. You might not think the discovery of where Togrutas do their business is all that exciting, but the reveal that Survivor has at least one toilet has led to a heated debate online, because of course it has.

Kotaku’s Zack Zwiezen might not have been the first to notice Jedi: Survivor has a crapper, but they were certainly the first one to write about it. Happening upon the toilet while exploring Koboh, Zwiezen even discovered the lavatory can be flushed, and doing so rewards the player, as it should. In fact, tracking down the person who used it before you to give them a stern talking-to should be a side quest.

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Even though it’s assumed everyone who calls a galaxy far, far away home has to use the bathroom, toilets are rarely shown in Star Wars media. You don’t see them much in games, movies, and shows because stopping to pee isn’t usually integral to the plot. That has raised the question of whether this is the first time a toilet has ever been shown in anything Star Wars-related, and naturally, fans have thoughts.

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As Zwiezen highlights in their story, while this might well be the first toilet to feature in a Star Wars game, they have occasionally shown up in other forms of Star Wars media. Quite a few of you have pointed out there was a toilet shown on-screen in the very first episode of The Mandalorian. What you would have realized if you read the article is Zwiezen actually references that very toilet. They also make it clear they’re questioning whether this is the first toilet shown in a Star Wars game, not the universe as a whole, a point that appears to have been missed by a number of people eager to claim the writer is wrong.

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Someone has pointed out that Wedge is shown taking a pee during an episode of Rebels, and while that might well be an isolated Star Wars incident, thankfully the receptacle into which they’re peeing isn’t shown. The Survivor toilet will need to settle for second place when it comes to the best discoveries made in the sequel so far. First place goes to Turgle the Frog Man. The quirky new character added to Star Wars lore whose actor is very grateful for all the attention he’s been getting.

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