PlayStation Showcase Reportedly Set For Late May, Featuring Metal Gear Solid News

PlayStation Showcase Reportedly Set For Late May, Featuring Metal Gear Solid News

Sony is reportedly preparing to unveil its latest batch of PlayStation games in the coming weeks during PlayStation Showcase. According to industry insiders, the event could take place in late May, before several other video game showcases planned for next month.

The event would kick off several weeks of comparable video game showcases designed to replace the recently canceled E3 2023. Summer Game Fest for example is going to be taking place on June 8, featuring several gameplay demonstrations and various announcements. Microsoft will host its Xbox Games Showcase shortly afterwards on June 11. Ubisoft will be following suit with Ubisoft Forward on June 12.

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Sony has not yet confirmed the timing of the event, but journalist Jeff Grubb recently suggested that a PlayStation Showcase could take place at some point towards the end of May. “I said ‘week of May 25’ because that’s probably the latest that week it could happen,” Grubb explained on Twitter. “But it could happen earlier. I just don’t want to say ‘week of May 21’ and then people get mad when it doesn’t happen on a Sunday.”

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The event is widely expected to contain some new information including updates on previously announced titles and perhaps even a couple of new reveals. Players for example have been speculating for weeks that Sony will make a statement on the rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 exclusivity deal. “I also heard that a PlayStation Showcase is happening in the usual late May, early June window, with Konami stuff included,” journalist Andy Robinson remarked on Twitter. The sentiment was echoed by YouTuber Shpeshal Nick who noted how “I heard that might be at this PlayStation Showcase and might also have some sort of exclusivity with it.”

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The content creator added that “Metal Gear Solid 3 Remakes are rumored to begin with, so it’s like a rumor of a rumor. We don’t even know the Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake is real, technically.” Shpeshal Nick went on to explain how “the rumor that I’ve heard is that Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake might be at the showcase and have some sort of PlayStation exclusivity.”

As games continue to grow in popularity, events like PlayStation Showcase are becoming increasingly important for developers and publishers to build excitement around upcoming releases. With several major titles set to be released in the coming months, gamers will be eager to see what Sony has in store for them, especially given the surprising cancellation of E3 2023.

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