Pokemon GO Fans Call for Pokemon Gym Overhaul

Pokemon GO Fans Call for Pokemon Gym Overhaul

A Pokemon GO player shares a number of ideas that they have for how the game’s current Gym system can be adjusted and improved.

A Pokemon GO fan shared ideas that they had for changes to the game’s Gym system. The mechanic in Niantic’s title serves as a way to provide a PvP element to the game, allowing players to go head-to-head at certain spots found in the title’s overworld. Gyms in Pokemon GO offer a unique challenge, though not all players of the RPG are completely happy with them.

A Reddit user named KortenScarlet shared some frustrations that they had with the Pokemon GO Gym system. The player felt that rural players rarely get coins because their pocket monsters rarely get knocked out, while gamers in active areas do not get many coins because their creatures get taken out in minutes. They also brought up the fact that Pokemon left to defend Gyms that do not get attacked will never see their trainer again. Thus, KortenScarlet offered a few ideas that could improve the PvP mechanic.


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One idea that Reddit’s KortenScarlet had was to award guarding players with small amounts of either the stardust used in Pokemon GO or candy every time a player would spin the Gym. They also suggested awarding coins for fighting as well as guarding, with there being a daily coin limit. A third idea that KortenScarlet had was to allow gamers to call back any Pokemon that they left guarding a Gym.

Pokemon GO Gym Changes 2

KortenScarlet also brought up the idea to automatically reward players coins, stardust, and candy for Pokemon that are accumulated from guarding if their pocket monster does not get knocked out or called back by the end of the day. Another idea was for each Gym to be given a CP cap at random for both low-level players and to add more variety to defending and attacking pocket monster species. Finally, KortenScarlet suggested that gamers be given small bonus damage multipliers for raids on Gyms that they own badges in, with the multiplier being larger per badge tier that they own.

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There were some players in the comments of KortenScarlet’s post who had a few ideas of their own. One gamer gave the idea of “Poke Job” Gyms, which would work similarly to the job idea from Pokemon Sword and Shield in which players send Pokemon of a certain Typing to match the requirement set at the Gym, which should help give purpose to pocket monsters who don’t get used regularly. Another user suggested a “vault” that would be defended by a team of powerful creatures, which would reward players with coins and stardust whenever it is defeated. There were also a few gamers who felt that the current Gym system was fine and that there was no need for any major overhauls.

Pokemon GO is available now for Mobile devices.

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