Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Disappearing Pre-Order Bonuses Being Investigated By EA

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Disappearing Pre-Order Bonuses Being Investigated By EA

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor didn’t launch in the best condition. Despite positive reviews and a great overall reception, the PC version of the game was incredibly broken, leading to it launching with a ‘Mostly Negative’ review on Steam. However, Redfall somehow managed to launch in an even worse condition, taking the pressure off Respawn Entertainment.

Regardless, the issues with Jedi: Survivor are still present, with the latest one resulting in players not getting what they paid for. As reported by GamesRadar, it seems a certain bug is causing players to lose their pre-order bonus items. Player reports claim that the bonus in-game items keep disappearing and reappearing.

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“I pre-ordered the deluxe edition of Jedi Survivor and for the first few days, I had all the extra content that came with the pre-order and deluxe. Got on yesterday and all the DLC content has disappeared. I bought the game on EA so I tried repairing the game and that didn’t work,” said Tae17Yong on the Fallen Order Subreddit.

“I’ve restarted my PC, turned it on and off again, and deleted the game, and re-downloaded it. Still, all the content is missing. I’ve also contacted EA and they’ve yet to get back to me.” They went on to say that the bonus content reappeared for a bit, before disappearing again.

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It seems they weren’t the only one, as a couple of other players were facing the issue as well. “I had the same issue too, I uninstalled the game to see if that would fix it and it didn’t,” said AlphaWolf916. “Noticed that when I went to see if the dlc was there it’s gone?! Even went to the Microsoft store and it says I owned it but won’t let me download it.”

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Thankfully, it seems EA is aware of the issue and it is under investigation. “The teams are aware of the reports and are investigating the issue,” said a community manager on the EA forum. “If we have any updates, we hope to be able to share them with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, it is recommended to try to repair the game files to see if that restores access to the bonus items for you, or make sure that the DLCs are installed correctly.”

cal kestis dressed as anakin skywalker in star wars jedi: survivor
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While this is a serious glitch, it’s not one that breaks your entire game; you can still continue your progress without the in-game cosmetics. However, one major design flaw has forced some players to restart their games entirely.

After the Chamber of Duality, if you don’t ride up the elevator and save at the Meditation Point, there’s a chance you could get trapped in the chamber if you die. The elevator cannot be summoned, and the only way out is to restart the game.

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