Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Breaking Design Flaw Apparently Traps Cal Forever

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Breaking Design Flaw Apparently Traps Cal Forever

Cal Kestis is finally back in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor; and this time he comes with different facial hair styles and a diverse wardrobe. Of course, there’s also the great story, engaging combat, and intricate level design, but a lot of this has been marred by the sheer number of issues plaguing the game – primarily for PC players.

Players have reported seeing error messages which they can’t even understand or decipher; and even when it does work, the Force isn’t very strong with the performance. However, that’s not all – it seems that the game also has a massive design flaw which traps Cal in a certain section with no way out. The only way out is to apparently start the entire game all over again.


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As spotted by GamesRadar, this strange phenomenon was brought to light by Weird_Cantaloupe2757 on Reddit, which they posted as a PSA to other players. They avoided spoilers by staying as non-specific as possible, which players will undoubtedly appreciate.

“After you complete the chamber of duality and ride the elevator out (after helping the droid), make sure you meditate at a meditation site,” they wrote, “If you die, it sends you back into the chamber, with no way to exit — fast travel is disabled at that meditation point, and the elevator will not open again! The only fix at that point is to start the game over.”

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It seems if you don’t save the game at that particular point, and happen to die, you’re going to be trapped in the chamber with no way out. A few comments say they faced the same issue. This isn’t a technical glitch of some sort, but rather an oversight in game design. I’m no developer, but it looks like the quickest way for Respawn to fix this would be to make the elevator interactable again.

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Since the game follows the SoulsBorne mechanic of respawning enemies after saving, some players may not want to save the game if they don’t absolutely need to. However, one comment points out that you can still interact with the Meditation Spots without Resting and saving the game. This will at least keep you checkpointed – which is required in such a buggy game.

Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This is clearly a massive misstep by the developers, and one that should ideally be fixed on priority. A bug that forces you to wipe all your progress yourself is perhaps the only thing worse than losing your progress as a result of a glitch.

Respawn has apologised for the issues that are rampant in the PC version of the game. The dev says that the issues are primarily on high-end PCs that feature multi-threaded chipsets and high-end GPUs. It’s strange that an issue could be caused by your PC being too powerful, but the team is working on fixing it.

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