Warzone 2 players flame “lazy” WSOW ruleset – Dexerto

Warzone 2 players flame “lazy” WSOW ruleset – Dexerto

Raven Software added World Series Trios as a playlist, and community members questioned its worth after discovering the ruleset.

The World Series of Warzone In-Game Open took place from April 28-30. Activision opened its doors for any trio to test their mettle. 50 teams from both the UK and the US advanced one step closer to taking home the lion’s share of a $1.2 Million prize pool.

WSOW Stage 1 Qualifiers commence on May 3, and Raven Software is celebrating the occasion by bringing back WSOW trios. Teams can no longer use the playlist as a way to advance in the tournament but can at least get a taste of what the pros experience.

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However, the developers provided extra insight into the competitive ruleset, which disappointed some community members who expected more.

Warzone 2 community members question need for WSOW trios playlist

On May 2, Raven Software replaced standard trios with the WSOW trios playlist. The mode was previously used for teams attempting to earn a spot in the Stage 1 Qualifiers. The developers noted: “We’ve brought the competitive ruleset back.”

CoD insider Charlieintel questioned what the competitive ruleset entailed, and Raven Software’s response disappointed.

It’s important to note that the WSOW settings don’t necessarily correlate with Warzone Ranked, which is set to release at some point during Season 3.

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In WSOW, there are no turreted vehicles or heavy choppers. There are also no in-match events such as fire sales, jailbreaks, restocks, or nukes. After Warzone Ranked is released, the WSWO will adopt Ranked’s full list of settings.

However, community members slammed a lackluster ruleset and argued that regular trios should have just been left in.

Charlieintel sarcastically responded: “Oh, we consider those rules worthy of an entire playlist, ok.”

Warzone 2 content creator HunterTV added: “So removing a helicopter nobody uses and four in-game events that don’t happen a majority of the time is considered a new ruleset.”

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Raven Software attempted to quell the fire, which only gave community members more ammunition.

Fortunately, the WSOW Stage 1 Ruleset is only a placeholder until Ranked releases, but community members want restrictions more in line with how MW2 Ranked Play does it.


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