Ahsoka: Lars Mikkelsen Teases ‘Very Strong’ Writing In Upcoming Star Wars Series

Ahsoka: Lars Mikkelsen Teases ‘Very Strong’ Writing In Upcoming Star Wars Series

Thrawn actor Lars Mikkelsen seems confident in the Star Wars: Ahsoka series writing, which could bode well for fans and newcomers.

The upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars series Ahsoka has got fans eager for plenty of new stories surrounding their favorite Togruta Jedi. But while some may be uncertain of the quality they can expect when it finally premieres, Lars Mikkelsen seems more than happy to assuage those fears.

Mikkelsen, who voiced Grand Admiral Thrawn in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, is returning to play the live-action version of the character in Ahsoka. His return as Thrawn has been in the works for years, so he’s likely been involved long enough to get a feel for the show and the work going into it. Thanks to that, he’s uniquely suited to testify on the show’s quality.


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In an interview with Collider during Star Wars Celebration 2023, Mikkelsen had some positive things to say about Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni’s writing for the series. “His writing is very good, it’s very strong,” he said when asked what surprised him about Filoni’s writing. “All characters have their own drive, and you will probably not know, totally, what it’s all about until the last scene. And I like that in writing, that you take you as an audience so seriously that you can think for yourself; that we drag it right to the last moment to reveal what’s the whole thing about.”

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Among the villains in Ahsoka, Thrawn may still be the most threatening due to his intellect. Mikkelsen described what he likes about playing Thrawn, whom the interviewer described as always being five steps ahead of everyone else and “the smartest one in the room” who strategically keeps many of his thoughts to himself. “That’s what you want as an actor,” he replied. “You don’t want to reveal everything. You want your secrets. And when it’s within the script, it’s the best, because it’s effortless in that sense. You don’t have to push anything because the story writing is so good that it’ll tell it for you.”

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That writing will probably help those who don’t want to catch up on other shows and stories before watching Ahsoka. It sounds like Filoni wrote it in such a way that fans will appreciate it, but newcomers won’t be lost, which would be a welcome attribute. Ahsoka sees Rosario Dawson playing the titular Jedi Ahsoka Tano in several periods around Star Wars Rebels and even during The Mandalorian, in which Dawson appeared as the character. Her search for newbie Force user and Rebel hero Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) alongside Mandalorian artist Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) will take her throughout the galaxy and up against new threats. Naturally, Thrawn appears to be one of them.

With Ahsoka finally creeping closer to its release date, the wait is only getting all the more agonizing. So here’s hoping it ends up just as engaging as Mikkelsen is spelling it out. If nothing else, it looks like it will be the continuation of Star Wars Rebels that fans have been hungry for.

Ahsoka is set to premiere on Disney Plus in August 2023.

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Source: Collider Interviews/YouTube


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