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All Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Instead of Jedi bounty hunters hunting you, turn the tables by preemptively hunting them down and get rewarded for your efforts. Finding all Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Hunters and successfully beating them will unlock the Caij Match achievement, and also unlock a secret character at the end.

All Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorAll Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Gameplay

With Cal constantly hunted down simply for being a Jedi, you have the opportunity to venture off and find several Star Wars Jedi Bounty Hunters. These are effectively mini-boss fights that you can go looking for.

All 17 Bounty Hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Your bounty hunter-beating journey will start once you get through the “Koboh – Research Tanalorr” part of the main story. Once you defeat bounty hunter Korej Lim, you will get access to the Bounties tab that you can access from the Journey Screen and also meet Caij Vanda.

Defeating bounty hunters rewards you with Bounty Pucks that can be traded for abilities, blaster stance perks and blaster parts that you can get from Caij inside Pyloon’s Saloon.

# Bounty Hunter Location
1 Korej Lim Koboh, Devastated Settlement 
2 Meyen Corr Ride into the valley between Boiling Bluff and the Untamed Downs in Harvest Ridge, Koboh
3 Masi Finau Hangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon
4 Kenn FInau Hangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon
5 Kle-0 Hangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon
6 Gatt Medo Freight Handling Depot, Coruscant.
Descend into the lower levels starting at the Meditation Point, and find the room with conveyor belts guarded by Haxion Brood Shock Commandoes. Gatt can be found here.
7 Mash Start at the Meditation Point and walk into the area without the Droid NPC in Shattered Moon, Automated Forge
8 Kip Ostar Derelict Dam, Koboh. Begin at the Meditation Point and go right. Once you see the Roller Mine, turn around and go past it, and you’ll find this bounty hunter waiting inside the tunnel. 
9 Corde The Half Halls of Ranvell, Jedha. Start at the Meditation Point and zip up to the cliff top on the left. 
10 PR-85T The Other Half Halls of Ranvell, Jedha. This Bounty Hunter can be found along with Corde The Half.
11 Valsyn Martz Fogged Expanse, Koboh. Once you clear out the area, you will find a Treasure guarded by two bounty hunters
12 Raz Forest Array, Koboh. Find your way up to the upper levels and locate the bird that Cal found to encounter Raz. 
13 Yuhong Path Of Restoration, Jedha
14 Selfin Jook Observatory Understructure, Koboh. Zip up from the Meditation Point and climb the floating platform. You will find Selfin along with two other bounty hunters. 
15 Kili Oso Sanctuary Temple, Jedha. Once you defeat the previous 14 bounty hunters and collect their bounties, talk to Caij in Pyloon’s Saloon twice. Completing these actions will disable the Meditation Point in Sanctuary Temple and give you Kili’s location in Jedah on your map. 
16 Jo the Cannibal Defeat all the previous 15 bounty hunters, including Killi Oso and talk with Caij in Pyloon’s saloon. Caij will give you Jo the Cannibal’s location. Travel to the Yurt Barracks to fight this bounty hunter. 
17 Caij Vanda Finally, you’ll be able to complete the last bounty in the game by returning to Pyloon’s Saloon and visiting Caij’s table, where you can catch a rumor. Next, travel to the Stone Spires to trigger the cutscene, which starts the final bounty.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Secret Bounty Easter Egg

After you defeat Caij Vanda, the iconic Boba Fett will intervene and stop you from fighting Caij, and Cal will agree to let Boba Fett take Caij in. To know more about this Easter Egg, we highly recommend playing through all the bounty hunters to discover this cutscene for yourself.


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