Gamers Debate The Best Console Boot Up Sequence

Gamers Debate The Best Console Boot Up Sequence

In the wide world of games, there are many debates that rage on endlessly, which console for example is the best, which game is the greatest of all time, and even which controller is the most comfortable. But one topic that seems to have generated practically universal consensus concerns the original PlayStation, particularly that its boot up sequence is the best in console history.

The sentiment was expressed in a recent thread on Resetera which saw users coming together to discuss their favorite boot up sequences from various consoles. While there were a few honorable mentions including the Dreamcast jingle and the GameCube spin, the overwhelming majority of people on the platform agreed about the PS1’s iconic sequence being unmatched.


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For those who may not remember, the PS1 boot up sequence begins with the console powering on, followed by the Sony logo appearing on the screen. As the logo fades away, a distinctive electronic sound kicks in accompanied by the PlayStation logo, signaling the console is ready to go. There’s something about this sequence that just feels right and many gamers likely feel a rush of nostalgia upon hearing those familiar sounds and seeing that iconic logo once again. It’s not just the visuals and the sound design, either. The timing of the sequence is perfect, with just the right amount of build up before the logo appears and the console is ready for action.

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What makes the PS1 boot up sequence beloved among gamers would have to be that it represents an earlier era, before the games industry exploded into the billion dollar behemoth that it is today, at least according to several users on Resetera. The reason could also be as clear and straightforward as the sense of anticipation and excitement which it evokes, indicating the start of a session. “PS1 was like something you’d hear in a theater before an epic blockbuster,” Ra for example remarked. “Then Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, or Metal Gear Solid started up for the first time and you’re like holy shit.”

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Whatever the reason may be, it’s pretty clear the PS1 boot up sequence holds a special spot in the hearts of players everywhere. While some have argued that other boot up sequences are as good or better, the recently held poll on Resetera shows a clear preference for the PS1. There’s no denying that its iconic sequence will forever have a prominent place in gaming history.

As the industry continues to evolve and change, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the classics that helped pave the way. The PS1 boot up sequence is one such classic and its enduring popularity is a testament to its impact on gamers everywhere.

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